How to witness to atheists - Today's Christian Videos

Show atheists they've lied, cheated, stolen, by asking them if they've done these things, then when they say, 'yes' say, that makes a sinner and worthy of hell, then you can share Jesus/Yeshua with them as their Savior and way of forgiveness and eternal
life to be changed.

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Comment by Mr Good Without God on December 20, 2010 at 1:17pm

This video was frustrating and amusing in its stupidity. I thought I would share and see what you all thought.

Comment by Jonel Burge on December 20, 2010 at 1:56pm

Again, they are arguing that it's more important to be christian than it is to be good.

And that's one of my favorite arguments to point out, because they always assume that being "close to god" means you're a good person. I love pulling out the stories of people who received decrees from god, who are close to god, and were told BY GOD to  cut off their child's hands or silt the throat of their brother's ex-wife. Bad things, but they were REAALLY good christians, so that's all that matters, so those crazy psychopathic murderers? going to heaven. I saw christians lie, steal, have improper sexual relations, molest others, and outright bully people horribly but it's OH-KIZZAY because they go to church on sundays/have accepted jesus. They are opening a dangerous loophole for people who are going to do anything in the name of an unprovable deity. <facepalm>

Also, at the end,  Is that supposed to be a "hot, updated jesus"? He looks like a douchebag.

Also, this is assuming there's an afterlife. If there's not, then all their whining is for nothing. Someone get on proving that there is no afterlife, PLEASE.


I have lied, but only to avoid unfair persecution.

I have never stolen.

And do define "lusted", christians. So often I'm seeing it defined as any sexual wish/want/need whatsoever, finding someone attractive at all=lusting, thinking someone is cute=lusting! if you ask certain people, so if such an archaic word could be you know, updated a wee bit, that would be helpful so I can tear that reasoning down as well.


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