America Elected Its First Christ Psychotic BiPolar Orvellian President 1 21 17

America has its first Mentally Ill, Schizophrenia-BiPolar-mania- Zombie God Believing Psycho POTUS. His POWER is immense.Nazi America of the 1930's here we c...

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Comment by Calpurnpiso on January 29, 2017 at 1:55pm

The problem is that mentally healthy aka ATHEISTS ( no belief in Imaginary Friends aka gods et al, ergo SANE) scientists like Bill Nye, Tyson, Krauss, Dawkins, Harris et al, IGNORE the FACT, we are evolved mutated freak PRIMATES, produced by a spit of semen-DNA from a PENIS, responsible for creating a BRAIN which produces the MIND and which is the organ we NAVIGATE the planet with. We use 5 PROBES ( 5 senses) to gather the initial information, which is the most IMPORTANT of them all. It is referred to as the IMPRINTING period.
Just like when one buys a NEW COMPUTER programing our own personal information.

Scientist ignore the fact, that--- thanks to 1700 years of ChristPsychosis that has programmed the BRAIN of children with "alternative facts" aka FALSEHOODS--the truth that has empirical science facts, has been lumping along SLOWLY due to the brain cancer of IFOFIBA ( imaginary friends or foes irrational belief acceptance) at the CORE of ALL religions-psychopathies, Schizophrenias/BiPolar disorder/mania etc etc..
..and the Brain HIV of zombie God Belief that spreads in churches, is ignored by neurologists who ought to know better.

The advent of Psycho Trump had been in the making since the time ChristPsychosis infected Psychopaths left ChristPsychosis infected England of GAY James , because he had created His OWN BIble ( KJV ).
The Christian nuts arrived in the Mayflower ca 1620s creating the MayFlower compact that served as a model for the ChristPsychosis inspired Constitution, so the GOVERNMENT--who impose their Religious CANCER on the natives whose LAND they had STOLEN--build CHURCHES so they would mold the BRAIN of CHILDREN with their alternative reality ( LIES-FALSEHOODS ) and become the
rulers of the stolen land. It would become the USA, a Christpsychosis infected nation. The most powerful and ignorant of them all., sane, aka atheist Scientists, Bill Bye, Tyson, Krauss, Kaku, Harris, Dawkins, Shermer, etc WAKE UP, realize you have a BRAIN which is the organ one creates THOUGHTS with, that when SICK, creates the schizophrenia/BiPolar/Mania/SadoMasochism of Zombie God Belief. IFOFIBA.

Enjoy Psycho Trump and the 4 years of Chaos that will ensue. Sorry but it will be all YOUR FAULT, for NOT connecting GodBelief to the BRAIN HIV cancer it truly is. Science/History Facts TALK, deluded BS created in Sick BRAINS walk.


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