I visited the New Orleans World War 2 museum.

Tough, emotional time learning about the whole event.

As a martial artist and Tai Chi player, I have learned a great deal about combat and theories which function best in said realm. Hitler and Hirohito had the exact same flaw which allowed the allies to defeat their militaries. Both expanded quickly with their respective forces. Spread thin accross so many captured territories, the bubble of influence became thin and with that, easier and easier to poke holes in less than required positions. As the months dragged on, soldiers and equipment became scarce. The aggressor soldiers, armed with ordinance and false philosophies, eventually fell to the welcomed and sympathetic allies.

A perfect defense is a perfect sphere which absorbs and bends with force.

A perfect offense is a perfect line or spear which strikes true to the center of mass, piercing through any resistance.

As the armies assaulted nations, controlling cities with angry natives, the borders grew at the same rate as troop requirements. Stretched thin due to such rapid expansion, the axis spear must transform to a sphere to hold territory. Attacking and defending is one of the most difficult techniques to master. Both Hitler and Hirohito understood attacking, but failed to see their greatest weakness is exposed during expansion and were destroyed by the tight, nimble, encroachingly subtle movements of the allies.

The island chains in the Pacific fell as quickly as the soft Italian targets. Hitler's "perfect" Atlantic defensive line quickly crumbled with the loss of just a few beaches. As the border breaks down, a mad dash to transport heavy equipment from the front lines to fortify the most important rear positions in a desperate attempt to maintain stability against thousands of arrows coming from all directions which only pick up speed as they get closer and closer to the heart...maybe you see the point. A collapsing defense is the scariest feeling during a single fight and also the scariest sight to a military strategist. As Hitler realized the empire was in the process of collapsing faster than he was able to build, his frustration became pronounced as his top generals became fearful of challenging his poorly developed military skill; the critical flaw of any bully.

As the allied troops marched closer and closer, inched up from the fingers, to the shoulder then the throat, his fearful nature, the fear all fervent racists have deep inside, took him over. Just like every coward too scared to face the consequences of their decisions, Hitler, the asshole, racist, totalitarian, "perfect" human, put a bullet in his lover than himself. The fall of Hitler brought joy to the world for the exact same reason we cheer the 100lb kid when he lands a blow on the 220lb bully. I hope I am not saying anything controversial when I declare my distaste for all oppressors regardless of the reason; Fuck Hitler right in the ass with many pineapples.

Hirohito was just as high and mighty, looking down on the other: Chinese, Phillipinos, Koreans, the list goes on.

Believing himself above all others like Zeus on Olympus, he couldn't see the rage built up inside of every other person in the world declaring, "I exist and I will not allow you to take that from me."

Hirohito demanded,

One plane for One Warship.

Ten enemy death for One Japanese.

A losing strategy as it becomes a game of attrition played by an island nation fighting against the combined resources of multiple continents. Nothing could have stopped the inevitable and his goal became a favorable surrender over the unconditional surrender which Japan had resisted for 2600 years to date. As the allies constricted the small nation, a last show of force in Kyushu became the "hail Mary" for the Empire of the Rising Sun.

The combined genius of the allies generated the most terrifying weapon man has so far harnessed, the Atom bomb. A weapon so fundamental in nature that it destroys the building blocks of existence.

I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. -Oppenheimer after realizing the power of his team's creation.

If killing a single other is considered the most heinous act in society, then killing an entire city with flick of a button is...something unspeakable, unforgivable, unholy, disgusting at every level, the act of the worst possible kind, but I understand a bit of the reason.

The idea of "No Surrender" is something to greatly fear. When surrender is not an option, as the cornered rat lashes out with everything it has, the only option for the attacker is to render the defender defenseless. Cutting off a hand, displaying it for analysis, the defender should realize the peril and bow to the enemy and beg for forgiveness...Hirohito still resisted reality, the greatest mistake. Hiroshima fell to the most beautiful fire humanity has stoked. Stubbornness and pride forced Truman's hand and he had to take the other hand in the form of Nagasaki before Hirohito admitted his mistake and came to the table.

Luckily, thanks to all of the effort, the war ended quickly in relative terms.

As I know the pain of just reading the account, I am more than certain Truman died with more weight on his heart than Atlas on his back.

The great wisdom which destroyed so much also allowed the great fools a chance at redemption in the form of trade and a hand up. America's greatest and closest allies, Germany and Japan, have greatly added to our culture as we theirs.

We must love each and every other person at least as much as we love ourselves if we are to avoid such tragedy in the future.

All humans have not taken this lesson, but I can only hope this call for peace will sway one more person to seek peace with the world and do their best to never harm.

I love you.

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Comment by Strega on March 30, 2017 at 3:47pm
Thanks Andrew, very interesting read.
Comment by Pope Beanie on March 30, 2017 at 5:54pm
Excellent writing, although "beautiful fire" threw me off a bit. Now I need to google it!


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