This is a short excerpt dealing with abortion from Chapter 2 of the book I have almost completed.  The chapter goes into much greater detail to explain why the Christian god is not against abortion at all.  The following is just one of many explanations:

If we consider that according to Christianity, the Christian god is all knowing, then the Christian god knows if a fetus will grow into an evil monster. Perhaps then the same reasoning Christians apply to the biblical slaughters of pregnant mothers and their fetuses can be applied to aborted fetuses as well. i.e., The Christian explanation for the slaughter of the Canaanite fetuses is that they could have grown to be evil monsters if they were allowed to live, so the Christian god orchestrated their termination because, as Christians tell me, God knows best "in the larger sense." So just like the Canaanite children could have grown to be evil monsters if they were allowed to live--which is why Yahweh allowed them to be slaughtered--so could the aborted fetuses of today have grown to be evil monsters, and therefore, the Christian god did not allow them to be born. Furthermore, if we take into consideration the above Christian explanation of the slaughter of the Canaanite children, the question then arises as to why the Christian god allowed "evil monsters" such as Hitler to be born in the first place--who then went on to kill more than 6 million of his "chosen people" (Jews) in the Holocaust of WWII. It makes no logical sense that an all-good, all knowing, and all powerful god would kill an entire group of "potentially evil" people in the Bible, but fail to eliminate the fetus of one of the worst mass murderers in human history--the murderer of his own so-called "chosen" people. 
If Yahweh exists, he would know, and since he knows, why would he not get rid of someone like Hitler? Since the Bible tells us that "...EVERY decision is from the Lord" (Proverbs 16:33), this would be his will--according to what the Bible tells us. According to the Bible, everything is determined by God, i.e., allowing evil monsters to live (instead of killing the potentially evil fetus) and abortion. Ironically, Christians claim abortion to be the murder of the innocents--which makes Yahweh a murderer of the innocents.

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