Understanding Existence through Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

By Andrew Brown; AndrewBrownDD@gmail.com


I am writing this at 8:54pm on a Friday night having just completed my first viewing of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I was inspired to write this up by Alex Galipchak. Thank you for listening to my rant and conceding my hypothesis.

The entire universe and everything single thing within itself can be explained and understood using the conceptual tool of a feedback loop. You may ask, “What is a feedback loop?” Nearly all engineers, scientists and mathematicians understand a feedback loop. I will leave those references explaining the minutia and details for the end. But for now, a feedback loop is best expressed with the following diagram.

Input is required for a system to start and maintain stability. A represents the current state of a system. B represents the positive and negative feedback of a system. Output is the output of the system.

The Feedback Loop Model can be applied to any System, any noun, any concept. Once we understand two systems, we can apply the model again to analyze the interaction of two or more systems.

Star Wars, The Rebel Alliance, Jyn Erso, Jyn Erso's career with the Rebel Alliance can all be expressed with the feedback loop model.

The Imperial Empire, The Death Star, the interplay of Jyn Eros's career with the Rebel Alliance and the life of the Death Star can all be expressed and understood with the feedback loop model.

Some methods for explaining the feedback loop.

Ax/Ay = 1; or the input and output of a system are equal to one.

Explained another way, the input and output of a perfect system is one.

Explained a third way, the energy input to an absolutely perfect engine is equal to the torque output of the engine.

Explained a fourth way:

Jyn's minimalist life of long, stable periods is interrupted by dangerous, perilous events. This leads her to a ferocious rebellion against the Empire.

Her life had meaning, her life contributed to the greater good.

Explained a fifth way:

Jyn Erso is living an unbalanced, imperfect life as she approaches full adulthood. She had been torn from her family when an Imperial Project Manager kidnapped her father to aid the Death Star project. Her mother dies during this and Jyn’s never-ending fight for survival starts. Jyn hides in a well camouflaged bunker, just as her parents taught her. A trusted family friend, Sam Gerrera, rescues and raises Jyn until she’s 16. On her own now she’s barely surviving but the Rebel Alliance and Jyn's fate become intertwined as need to contact Sam. Jyn receives a coded message from her father detailing the Achilles' heel of the Death Star space station that he designed. Subsequently, Sam dies and his last words convince Jyn to join the Cause. Overcoming incredible odds, defying death at every turn, Jyn successfully transmits the engineering schematics. Mere seconds later, the Death Star fires on the compromised Imperial base. Of course, Jyn perishes knowing she did her best to help the universe. Only with the ultimate sacrifices of so many people are the schematics finally delivered to Princess Leia.

Deconstructing elements of Jyn's Feedback Loop:

A part of Jyn's life consists of successfully transmitting the Death Star schematics adding crucial corruption into the Imperial Empire feedback loop that eventually leads to the destruction of the space station. Sad but necessary for the hero story, Jyn is snuffed out by the blast wave from the very weapon her efforts will eventually destroy.

The loop of Jyn Erso is highly stable until her father dies. She narrowly escapes and survives thanks to Sam Gerrera, a trusted family friend. She maintains stability while she grows, learns, and develops under his care. Then her life encounters more peril, more instability, thanks to her interactions with the Rebel Alliance. She regains stability after setting her goal to protect the galaxy with her life. Jyn's loop only affects the family and friends within her vicinity until she is boosted by the Rebel Alliance. This enables the chain of events which leads to the destruction of the Death Star and thus weakens the Imperial Empire.

Jyn's personal loop ended when her stability reached 0, as all single nouns must. A human begins at conception and ends at their death. Jyn's minimalist life of long, stable periods is interrupted with dangerous, perilous events. This precipitated her ferocious rebellion against the Imperial Empire. Her life mattered. But interestingly, she was never able to confirm that her life did mean something other than to her and the people around her. She never learns that the victory at Scarif was the germinating seed of the Rebel Alliance. She never realized how her actions combined with the forces of the Rebel Alliance and then aided by the determination of a young man from a planet she had never visited, joined with the Force to eventually put the Death Star in ruins.

Jyn's body was burned and deconstructed in the heat of the Death Star’s weapon. The smallest molecular structures that formed Jyn Erso all returned to the never-ending cycle of nature. We are saddened by Jyn's death but she brought a measure of beauty, safety, and justice to the world. Never forget the struggles she experienced just to survive long enough to make a difference.

Her father communicated his hatred for the Death Star by entrusting Jyn with the knowledge to destroy it. Jyn successfully delivers the information to the only group capable of bringing balance back to the galaxy by ending the threat of a planet killer.

Thanks to the combined sacrifice of the Rebel Alliance, Jyn and her father, the feedback loop of the Death Star ends. But, lest we forget, what was built can be built again. Restoring Death Star function and protecting the rubble becomes a primary goal for the Imperial Empire. Within a few short years, they succeed in reconstructing the space station and fire on the Rebel Alliance in a draconian flourish of their power. Thanks to the expert piloting of the intrepid Lando Calrissian, the Millennium Falcon launches an attack, critically weakens the core power system enough to initiate a massive chain reaction, and ending the second threat of the Empire’s Death Star.

The Death Star expressed as a feedback loop at four times.

As one loop completes, the first Death Star is destroyed, a new loop begins, the Death Star Revision B; now without a critical flaw.

The Force can be seen at each arrow. The Force will always flow with, against and through everything. The Jedi have the unique mechanism of the midi-chlorians which allows them to influence other beings within existence. The Jedi are able to force weaker beings to submit to their will and follow their commands. As the Kyber crystals are only formed by the strongest stars, making them incredibly rare, a Jedi is only formed after millions of years of evolution resulting in a being capable of understanding the world so thoroughly that it can influence rocks with imagination.

The Force can be analogized as Fate, Karma, Cosmic Justice, the ark of history bends towards justice, everything is always more stable than before, or everything is always getting better. Everything that exists must find balance within the force that surrounds us all. Balance is the goal of all things in existence and existence itself.

As humans cannot survive in a vacuum, neither can our cells. If our most fundamental components can't survive, we will quickly fall. Everything is built upon something more fundamental and more numerous than itself. This holds true until the most fundamental concept is reached; the difference between Existence and Non-Existence, the eternal battle of light and dark, 1 and 0.

Representing perfection with 1 and complete folly with 0, a perfect balance is reached when both are equally, diametrically opposed. The major flaw with perfect balance is the smallest possible imperfection is enough to destabilize the system. The system is forced to correct itself or fall into non-existence, thus existence is. The most fundamental truth of the universe is 1.

Everything is 1 and is always trying to be more 1 because reaching 0 is the end.

There is nothing to fear and everything to fear. There is nothing to love and everything to love. You can both fear and love every single thing in existence as the world is not binary. 1 is the eternal concept of all things and incredibly difficult to explain.

I did my best.

Please give me notes, AndrewBrownDD@gmail.com, as my goal is to bring this knowledge to all beings capable of understanding.

Written and published by Andrew Brown on January 31, 2017.


In Depth Resources explaining Feedback Loops and the real workhorse, the transfer function









For the most part though, all of the information I tried to layout above is my best attempt to explain the overriding concept of existence. All of the moments in my life that gave me this understanding cannot be properly referenced.

Threats to Existence

It is worth noting, the mere concept of a planet killer is disturbing and disgusting. On the other hand, maintaining a vast, intergalactic union must be difficult. Being at the top of that mess must make all other sentient beings look like ants. For example, when I see an ant rebellion starting in my kitchen, I take extreme measures. I use all of my power and knowledge to crush that rebellion. How dare they attempt to live off of my refuse!

Now, while venturing outdoors, I may happen upon an ant colony, but I do not attempt to compete with them. They are tiny ants and their concerns are below me. Their lives do not harm mine. I respect the “truce” between myself and their society. I have the power to end all of them, but as I am not concerned by them I will leave them in peace. In a hierarchical sense, it is wonderful to know ants can't harm me in La Jolla, California. However, I never let it slip my mind that ant species living in parts of Africa could severely impact my well-being and force me from my home if I had the temerity to occupy their territory. I am not all powerful, I am just powerful enough.

If humans ever decide to hunt down all of the ants on Earth with the goal of destroying them, we might succeed. If we truly made it a priority, we could develop the technology necessary to completely rid the world of the threat of ants. This would not necessarily be a benefit. Our use of overwhelming force to exterminate the ants accomplishes little. The ants will no longer intrude on my home a few days each year. The ants will no longer march through a person's home and coincidentally kill a child. Adversely, millions of tons of detritus will pile up on the ground without a strong natural remedy. Ants clean up every spilt drop of blood n’ wine.

I hope you were able to understand what I mean when I say that we are all connected. We are all a part of the Existence feedback loop while we concern ourselves with our own feedback loop and those around us. We all are touched by and touch everything that has ever existed and will ever exist, but each of us must recognize the connection to appreciate the mountain of progress where we stand atop.

Notable references to the One from Star Wars characters

Ben “Obi-Wan” Kenobi, “May the Force be with you, always.”

Of course, one of the most recognizable phrases of the entire series. In my opinion, the Force is just another reference to the One. It seems that nearly all sentient beings involved in the Star Wars universe are capable of evolving the ability to feel the Force, but only a few species have been highlighted on screen showing the few individuals capable of understanding and commanding the Force, but we do not realize that we are all caught within and are bending to the will of the Force. We must be reminded of that over and over before we ourselves are capable of recognizing the Force.

Darth Vader, “The Circle is Complete.”

I feel Darth Vader is referencing the circle of life, the Force, the One when saying this to Luke. The lost son searches out his father. The moral youth, Anakin Skywalker, is also the symbol of callous, pure power, Darth Vader. While Darth Vader is bad because he kills people without providing much reason, Anakin was a good person for killing people on moral commands from his superiors. Not understanding the ultimate goal of your instructions will always lead you down the wrong path. We must all understand the fundamental truth behind each and everything in our lives to make the absolute, most correct, most ethical decision in any situation to properly complete the Circle, which of course is impossible. We can only see the whole circle when it has completed and that small circle we see is only a part of another larger circle.

Chirrut Îmwe, “I am with the Force and the Force is with me.”

I chose this line because Rogue One did not deal much at all with Jedi philosophy except in the case of the religious stronghold of Scarif. The chant reminds me of mantras from other eastern religions. The statement is concise, circular and true.

Jyn Erso, “It's not so bad as long as you don't look up.”

I loved this line because it portrays the desperation of the people who are terrorized by the Imperial Empire. All citizens get to live a liberal and free life as long as you don't cross the police; then you seem to die or be imprisoned rather quickly. Are there any examples of this in your life?

Please send me your favorite line and a short explanation of the meaning.

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