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Look. It's simple. I haven't got knowledge of all the clever arguments and statistics and philosophical stand points - probably not even enough to make a half baked argument from ignorance but I know this. This world is phenomenal. It's beautiful and clever and intricate. There are animals and cultures and people and plants that I'll probably never learn about that are also amazing and I'm in awe of that. There is so much in this stunning sphere that we are inconceivably lucky enough to be able to spend time on, that every day could be a revelation, a mystery and a treasure. I also think that if I continue to do goods things, be kind to people, be fair, honest, tolerant, perceptive, promote freedom and fight for equality then my life is worthwhile. No matter how hard I try, I can't see that arguing about something we can never conclusively prove, is a good way of spending what little time we've got to be human beings. Regardless of what you think will come to us after we die why spend your life being hateful to people who don't feel the same as you or a slave to a religion.
Why let it poison your mind when you could be free and draw your own conclusions on the world around you. And if there is a god (as in one of the many we've alluded to over human history), I'm not sure my insignificant little time in this planet not worshipping this invisible deity will be that much of a problem to him. And if it is - he's an ass.

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Comment by Simon Paynton on May 26, 2012 at 3:38am

I agree.

Comment by Nicki Temple on May 29, 2012 at 6:04pm
It was a reaction to the endless diatribe that comes from Christians and other people who believe in a god on Twitter.
So much hate and bigotry. It inspired me to start my on blog on tumblr to post my thoughts and poems.
Life's just too short!


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