The Survivalist's guide to living amongst believers.

Being an apostate amongst religious zombies is no easy task. Especially if you're trapped by modern artificial border protection that pretty much renders any form of escape impossible.

Every dawn you're woken up by the mosque's loud speakers calling for prayer, and it makes no sense to you. And you remind yourself that it's also Ramadan, and you hate the fact that you have to eat and drink in hiding, and that doing so in public with result in a mob stoning you to death, and that even children will participate in this horrendous act.

You can't drink alcohol even in hiding because it isn't even sold in the markets during Ramadan. if you light a cigarette even in your home your smoking neighbor who's on his nerves will surely recognize the smell and call for lynching you.

You're a target, a delicious weak gazelle, and a Halal one at that. but if you're smart, you'd be a delicious weak gazelle in Wolf's clothing. Because no matter your own personal beliefs may be, as a living being, Survival is your top priority.

Apostate's survivalist's kit:
A believer's mask.*
Good acting skills.
utmost secrecy.

Since basically going public with your Atheism would write a big shiny "HALAL" on your forehead. You're left with little choice but to go the way of the extreme minority and try to do your best to live your life and avoid religious arguments, avoid chuckling at hilariously illogical spiritual statements that you might as well start getting used to.

If you were born and raised in a religious environment you've probably went to a religious school. in my case I went through all 12 basic education being obliged to study Islamic teachings as an important and forced subject. I watched my Teacher saying that it's Halal to kill an apostate the moment he converts out of Islam, and that their throats should be slit, quoting Mohammed, when I was 14 and deeply in doubt.

I remember looking up at the sky and insulting god at age 4 just to prove my family that he doesn't exist. and that their fear of being tortured eternally was ridiculous, and the whole thing made no sense. a child's mind is free, it's a shame to pollute it with religion.

*May result in Multiple-Personality disorder.

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