The Return of Pakistani Social media Activists

Pakistani social media activists who were abducted between 4 to 7 January by intelligence agencies in Pakistan have been released on 28 January.

As i got the news i contacted my fellows & asked about the situation. After their abduction there was a huge blasphemy campaign against them on main stream media & social media. So as they were released they were kept in safe places which was arranged by their friends & families.

They were beaten badly for having secular views & then threatened that if they ll talk to media or try to file an case against their abduction the more drastic measures would be taken.

Police went to Professor Salman Haider's house & asked his brother that if they want to register any FIR but he refused.

During the abduction all were told that they ll not make social media pages nor they ll criticise or write about the state & religious affairs. Its mean if they want to stay safe they must behave like dead bodies.

2nd Social media activist Mr Asim Saeed as returned home he told his family that he is ok then packed his some luggage & left the house now he is not able to stay in Pakistan
His father was sent some messages by Lashkr-e-Jhangvi a famous terrorist organisation in Pakistan that his family ll become the sign of victimisation because his son committed a blasphemy in his social media posts he told every thing to the police but the safety measures have not been taken by the government.

As 3rd Activist Mr Waqas Goraya was released he was kept in safe place then he left the country he is a PHD student in Holland. His wife posted on social media that we ll be together within few days his family is also being threatened he is out of country now

4th social media activist Ahmad Raza Naseer who is a polio patient has been moved to another city in Pakistan by his friends and family he is having life threats from the religious organisations he has not activated his social media accounts yet as he ll get refuge some where in EU he ll start posting his stuff again.

5th Social media Activist Mr Samar Abbas who was abducted after 7 January is still missing his family hasn't confirmed anything. I hope he would be released soon.
We did a huge campaign against their abduction UN issued a statement about it more than 21 days all freethinkers from Pakistan spent in a terrible condition but now freethinking has become a question mark in Pakistan people are getting very careful about their views.

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Comment by Davis Goodman on February 2, 2017 at 8:10pm

Ugh. So sickeningly sad and grim. You can only see nothing but doom for the immediate and perhaps long term future. I'm sorry for the state of affairs in Pakistan, Noon!

Comment by Noon Alif on February 2, 2017 at 8:14pm
You can imagine in 21 century ppl are being abducted just for writing some stuff against state policies & expired religious ideolog which are terrorist friendly .. Pakistan is a state of mind
Comment by Davis Goodman on February 2, 2017 at 9:09pm

I can imagine in the abstract. But I cannot imagine in the highly privelaged open societies in the West. I'd be afraid most of the time and feel an endless drive to just "get the f**k out of there" and then feeling bad for not staying and being one of the few who will stand up to bullies. I try to imagine a friend of mine who makes a joke about Jesus (there are some utterly HELARIOUS jokes about Jesus by the way) and she gets death threats on her facebook and then disappears. The horror I would feel. The disbelief. Anger. Fear. Silence my thoughts. Close down my social media. Rage. Perpetual dumbfoundedness. It sounds like an utter hell on Earth.

We're so lucky, it deeply saddens me how few realise what that means.

What do you predict for the future?

Comment by Andrew Brown on February 3, 2017 at 11:16am

I am so sorry they had to go through that. Every society must solve their civil rights problems. We can offer assistance, but can't be the leader.

Good luck, brothers. One day, your work will bear fruit.

Comment by Arcus on February 3, 2017 at 7:34pm

Noon: Be proud of your country. But as a foreigner I find that this part of your culture sucks.

People like YOU are the reason nations become great, keep up the good work. As Hugo said, nothing can stop an idea for which the time has come.

Comment by Noon Alif on February 5, 2017 at 10:02am
Religious fanatics are every where Davis but in muslim world situation is very horrific
Comment by Noon Alif on February 5, 2017 at 10:02am
Thanks Andrew & Arcus


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