The purpose driven life (a review) - Chapter 5 - Seeing life from God's view

Hello readers, welcome to another installment of my review of TPDL


In this chapter, Warren says that people have a metaphor for their life. He says he has asked people to describe their lives and he has gotten some responses like "life is a roller coaster", "life is a dance" etc.


He says that the image that you have in your mind when you visualise your life is your life metaphor, and you have to replace this with god's view of your life. 


I wonder who he has been speaking to. I certainly can't digest the scope and complexity of my life into a single trite little sound bite or image in my head. It is just too much. I wonder if things are different for theists? Do they digest their lives differently, because they are only semi responsible for them? I can't remember, I was only a theist in my teenage years (and only barely), and that is such a confused time anyway it's difficult to remember clearly. Any reader thoughts on that?


Finally he says that life is a trust, life is a test and life is a temporary assignment. With a whole ream of religious gobbledygook.

I'll summarise the gobbledygook:

Life is a test: Sky magic man is watching you, to see if you should be tortured forever when you die

LIfe is a trust: The earth was given to us in trust by god. Everything in life actually belongs to god, not to us.

Life is a temporary assignment: Here we go again, the sky fairy is only actually going to give us a really nice existence when we die. He does not elaborate on that here, it is covered in the entire next chapter. Oh boy.


I really have only one response to all of this for mr Warren: HOW DO YOU KNOW? Seriously, which part of your death cult tells you all of this crap that you spew forth with absolute conviction?

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Comment by Apple on July 1, 2011 at 1:47pm

Of course he doesn't know.  It's the old religious game of someone pretending to know things that they can't / don't know.  This is a major problem with religion in general.  Theists spend their lives wondering about a supernatural being whose basic existence cannot be even remotely demonstrated. 

Comment by Southern Skeptic on July 1, 2011 at 2:29pm
@Apple - Amen ;-)  If only theists would look at their beliefs objectively. But that is the brilliance of the abrahamic beliefs - as a believer you dare not examine too closely, otherwise you'll lose the prize
Comment by Merlin Mercer on July 1, 2011 at 8:59pm
I was a theist for many years. We were taught never to question God's existence, just to have faith and believe. The bible is the ultimate authority, blah blah nonsense. I can attest to one thing: God never let me down at letting me down. I say all this because as a Xtian previously, we were always instructed to include our emotions in our arguments. Looking at our beliefs objectively was never instructed. I'm glad to have found my way out. And I have read this book once many years ago, but I'd like to go through it with you guys. I'll pick up with the next chapter and join in on the discussions. It will be interesting reading this from an atheist perspective.


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