The folks at the Creation Museum are at it again - ARK ENCOUNTERS

I was looking at some links to Answers in Genesis (AiG) posted in another discussion, and I began poking around this Young Earth Creationist (YEC) resource site. At the top it has links to other related sites, and one of them caught my eye - ARK Encounter ("Help Build the Ark!"). Being the "Click-Curious" type, I clicked on the link and was taken to a site that is currently a combination of a fundraising site and a resource/xian outreach site for YEC xians.

One thing I discovered while looking around this site is that the folks at AiG are the ones who built the Creation Museum, and are sponsoring/building the ARK Encounter as well. The ARK Encounter will be about 45 minutes from the Creation Museum, both of them in Kentucky (somewhat near the Cincinnati Airport; for those who don't know, the Cinci Airport is actually in Kentucky, as Cinci is right on the Ohio/Kentucky border). Additionally, I found that:

...the control of the content, design, and operations of the Ark Encounter will be led by Crosswater Canyon, a wholly owned subsidiary of Answers in Genesis

--found on the FAQ page, under "Why is the project so big, and why is a for-profit LLC going to own the Ark Encounter?"

A few things struck me when perusing this site. First, the plans for this thing are ambitious - after the Ark itself is built (at a cost of over $25million), they are planning a massive complex with it, including:

  • Journey Through Biblical History
  • First Century Village
  • Tower of Babel
  • The Walled City
  • Noah's Animals
  • Aviary
  • Children's Area


UPDATE: I found a video by Ken Hamm, President of AiG. In it he describes the ARK Encounter, and the new phases (among other stuff, like bragging about the Creation Museum). One of the rides will be a "ride through the five plagues". LOL.

Oh, in addition AiG is expanding the Creation Museum as well. Just what we need. It scares me that the Creation Museum has been so popular (and profitable) that they are actually expanding it - and are building this monstrosity as well! I also find it a bit depressing - I feel like we're not only having a hard time getting people to realize how irrational xianity is, we actually losing ground. It just seems that the fundie xians are so big and popular now, they are building theme parks for themselves - which are vast monuments to their stupidity.

The people of this country are getting more and more insane. We are truly going to be a theocracy - maybe in my lifetime.

How depressing.

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Comment by Ed on April 6, 2012 at 9:01pm

The logistics of an ark are bat shit crazy even after it's loaded and floating around. Lions want a snack, yadayada.... It blows my freakin' mind that people can even entertain the silly notion of an ark and all the earth's creatures on board for even a second or more. If they can believe that then taking up poisonous snakes (protestant american fundamentalists) is not a problem either I suppose.

Comment by Doc Feral on April 6, 2012 at 10:25pm

@Denise... Hey now.. I visited the Gettysburg Museum as a kid, it was wax and

Comment by Atheist Exile on April 7, 2012 at 10:15am

There's a significant contingent of Christians who are embarrassed by the blatant ignorance of the Creation Museum. Hopefully, such stupidity as the Ark Encounter will backfire and give "thinking" Christians the push they need to find social acceptance somewhere else.

Comment by Dale Headley on April 7, 2012 at 2:09pm

It’s like the movie, “Idiocracy” (2006), in which Luke Wilson finds himself in the future where humans have been replaced through evolution by a less intelligent species because stupid people tend to produce more children than intelligent people.  In his former life, he had been just a guy with normal intelligence and mundane accomplishments; but in this world he is like a god. 

I’m not particularly concerned about Americans regressing into a medieval religion, because if it someday turns out that I am the only non-Christian left in America, it also means I am the most intelligent person in America, a prospect that I find quite exhilarating.  


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