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22 AUG 2010

Links of Interest

Ripping into the Bible

Social Cost of Christianity?

Memorandum From The Intelligent Design Biotech Corporation - a bit of parody from the people that brought us Jesus Speaks to a Geneticist

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The Atheist Re-Enlightenment

Keep Your Prayers

Phil Plait - "Don't Be A Dick" Video

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Comment by Keith Johnston on August 22, 2010 at 11:14am
Ripping in to the Bible.
I am appalled at the way this person was treated and even more appalled that his family did not sue the school, the police and the Paul Jacobson (who accused him of being a sociopath), for defamation of character and removal of freedom of speech, simply because he declared his Atheism.

It sickens me how theists can say whatever they wish about anything (however inflammatory) but we must expect to be victimized for stating the truth.
Comment by CJoe on August 22, 2010 at 9:54pm
Yeah... Ripping Into the Bible is an eye-opening read. Like Keith said, I can't believe they didn't fight the system or sue. Why are Christians the only ones allow to do things like oh, I dunno, BURN KORANS, and this kid isn't allowed to make a harmless demonstration in class? It was actually quite brilliant. He was right, too; everyone who thought he was out of line was an ignoramus and does not understand what "freedom of speech" entails.


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