Ridding ourselves of humanity's self centrality: The Importance of Inclusivity

I'm going to go over a few instances of such and then explain why I think it's a problem.

It seems that one constant in humanity has been that we have always thought we were...special.

You and I, right now are living in a special time. It is the peak of human civilization. Many realize this and feel that ultimately something special is going to happen. Such as the 2012 predictions that the Mayans may or may not have made. Perhaps Jesus is coming back. Perhaps, whatever.

At every given point of a human's existence everyone of them have felt special. Like they are living in a special time. And the truth is that every person who ever thought that at any given time, were probably correct. They probably, in that moment, were, like you and I are now, at the peak of human civilization. They were right. This realization fuels much irrational belief.

Humanity thought the universe spun around the Earth as if it were the purpose of the universe. Likewise, the sun.

Another way we think we are special is amongst the rest of the lifeforms on the planet. We like to believe that there are animals... and there are humans. We seem to have a hard time admitting to ourselves that we are animals. But we are. I'd like to take this idea one step further though. We are all LIFE. We are all BIOLOGY. And the separations between us that seem so important, identifiable and distinctive. Are actually not all that different in the end. All life on this planet evolved IS RELATED. FAMILY. By quantifiable amounts. 99% of our DNA is that of a chimpanzees and 50% of our DNA is that of a banana. ALL LIFE is CLOSELY related. We all come from the same place and we're all going in the same direction. We are procreating and spreading the seed of life, adapting to new environments by all means necessary, even if we must evolve.

What if that is the purpose of it all? That we are meant to spread the seed of life as far and wide throughout time and space. What if when humanity reaches the stars LIFE is reaching the stars. We would have the need to say to ourselves. Oh, humanity went to space and left all life behind. But what if when we reach the stars... we are bringing all life with us. We are just the vehicle. Maybe that is the correct way to see it?

So as a species we think we are special in the universe. As a civilization we believe we are special amongst all humans that ever existed. And as a life form we believe are a special breed, separate from the rest of life on this planet.

In my short 37 years of life I have noticed common traits of our society progressing as a species.We seem to become more inclusive, constantly. And as we welcome more genders, sexualities, religions, people...ANIMALS. Into our circle and recognize them as the same. That progress STICKS. It doesn't go away. It stays and we grow because of it.
If this trend is true... can we not project the future and say that eventually we will accept ALL LIFE ON EARTH AS EQUAL. All PEOPLE as equal? Yes, we are getting there by law but it's not widespread and I think we can get there. Partly through technology.

Right now we find it hard to consider us all equal because we are forced to KILL in order to eat. But printable foods are coming. Synthetic meats. This is truly sustainable food. When it is here we will no longer need to kill in order to eat. What if this is necessary in our evolution towards including all life as equal. It's like a teeter totter where we have to advance at one end in order to rid ourselves of the burden of the other end.

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