Republican dominated Arkansas Legislature At it Again.

Today the Arkansas State Senate approved a bill 27-3 to allow a private firm, with private monies, to erect a monument on the Capitol grounds that would display the Xtian Ten Commandments. It now goes to the House. Since our state has been recently abducted by the Republican Party -attorney general, governor, Senate majority, House majority- there has been a plethora of legislation attempting to promote their god and make life hard on the likes of illegal aliens, the poor, college kids, etc.

I'm sick of it.

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Comment by _Robert_ on March 26, 2015 at 5:23am

That may end up backfiring on them like here in floriduh and Oklahoma.

Comment by Ed on March 26, 2015 at 9:26am

Here's my email to the state senator who happens to live right here in my neck of the woods:

Ms. Irwin,

I am hopeful you were one of the three dissenting votes in today's Senate vote regarding the proposed Ten Commandment's monument. Separation of church & state remains an important tenet of American society and our legislators need to avoid any appearance of state endorsement of religion, which is unconstitutional. The feeble reasons for imposing this monument upon the non-Christian segments of Arkansans, presented by Mr. Rapert, are clearly not the issue. Legislation that serves to alienate other faiths or those of no faith is theocracy at it's worst and a moral wrong. Certainly there are issues facing our state legislators far more worthy of their attention than erecting monuments that serve to foster hostility and resentment.


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