Most of the Pakistani people still think that 9/11 was done by America & Osama Bin Ladan was not in AbbotAbad etc. If Osama was not in AbbotAbad then why Pakistani corrupt Army Generals did not raise their voice against Americans action on international level. In fact they did not have the moral courage.

Most of the Pakistani's abuse their liberal & secular voices. When Narendra Modi was elected in India they abused as Donald Trump won they did the same on social media. 

A Wahabi muslim journalist in Pakistan said Pakistani people never elected Hafiz Saeed ( A UNO Declared Terrorist) I said in reply that Donald Trump never killed people in the name of Islam nor does he want to implement sharia law. He took me as a blasphemer & blocked me.  

Some of them said Americans are very intelligent they don't like a women to be their president. in reply I said it was not the election between a woman & man, it was between Democrats vs Republicans. Most of the Americans are not supporting Obama's policies thats why they didn't vote for Hillary. 

America has been giving a huge aid  to Pakistan on the name of war of terror. In 80s & 90s huge money was given to General Zia then after 9/11 America has given a huge amounts to Pakistani generals to eliminate the Taliban factor. 

Generals were playing dual game & were hiding Osama in Pakistan. This thing made my nation ashamed before the world which is very disgraceful people stopped believing us.

Due to the huge American fundings Pakistan generals started calling us bloody civilians. Pakistani generals are also using this funding to support conspiracies & jihadi factor in Kashmir. I hope now this thing will stop & everything would be ok. 


In 2012 Donald Trump tried to draw Pakistani Establishment's attention towards Osama's matter & asked them to say sorry . 

I hope Now Pakistani Establishment will apologies to Americans & soon they would say sorry to Hussain Haqqani  who was declared a traitor after Bin Ladan's death & they would also release Shakeel Afridi who was sent to jail because he helped Americans. 

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Comment by TJ on November 17, 2016 at 12:22pm

Most Americans voted for Clinton, not Trump.

It had nothing to do with policies, just personalities.

People would have given Obama a third term if allowed to.

Only ~ 1/3 of the US voted though, so, mass disgust at the political process was more to blame than anything else..and, as with Brexit, an active minority, in this case combined with gerrymandered electoral collage rules, meant the US screwed itself.


So....with Osama being about the most popular boy's name chosen in Pakistan at the time, IE: Bin Laden was a hero more than a terrorist to enough Pakistanis. 

The Bush administration essentially asked the ONE nation MOST likely to protect Bin Laden, to make sure he did not get to Pakistan, which is essentially saying  "Hey, guys, I promised his mom and dad I'd get him home safe, so, we're gonna bomb the crap out of Afghanistan when you get Osama to Pakistan"

Pakistan did it, and, put him next to a base to protect him.

Obama "didn't get the memo"that Bin Laden was supposed to be safe, and went and blew him to bits.



Comment by Unseen on November 17, 2016 at 12:34pm

Most of the Americans are not supporting Obama's policies thats why they didn't vote for Hillary. 

That's ironic, since as he leaves office, he's enjoying great popularity and approval ratings.

Comment by Noon Alif on November 17, 2016 at 3:35pm
This time poltics getting very weird as we see after the Brexit most of the people were not agree & now people protested in America after Trumps victory democracy getting Democrazy but anyways its a far better system than the islamic caliphate


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