Ray Comfort's Red Ring of Elightenment

I read Ray's blog today, and could not help but to laugh. It seems a kind atheist sent him just what he needed, and Ray was getting all gushy over the miracles of god! When I read the blog, I really could not tell if he was being serious or not (especially since it was written on April 1).  But then again......he is the "Banana Man."

Before he received this marvelous gift, Ray was not looking forward to an upcoming 30 hour flight to Israel where he will be filming season five of his program.  In fact, he went to the drug store looking for "nasal strips" recently, saw the bright red donut cushion, and contemplated buying it himself--but he didn't.   God does work in mysterious ways--because at the same time he was contemplating buying this marvelous invention, a godless atheist decided to send one to him, free of charge!  But the atheist called it a "Red Ring of Enlightenment," --not an inflatable cushion.  Most of the Christians who made comments did not seem to get the humor in it all--but it certainly made me laugh.

But seriously folks, what kind of a sick god would send Ray a "Red Ring of Enlightenment" to make his trip to Israel more comfortable, but at the same time, allow good Christian children in Africa to starve to death; or good Christian women in America to be raped; or.......I could go on and on.  If we are all created "equal," why would Ray's god bless him, when so many others who are as fervent in their beliefs as he is suffer needlessly day after day?

Those little Christian children who die of starvation every day certainly have nothing to learn from it, which makes me wonder. But what about Ray?  Will he learn anything from the "Red Ring of Enlightenment"?  He certainly does seem to talk out of his A$$ often enough, so it can't hurt to try.

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