POS xian organizaiton One Million Moms Pushes J.C. Penney to Drop Ellen Degeneres

From Yahoo News, more BS from One Million Moms the offshoot of AMA. They're after JCPenny because of their new spokesperson Ellen. This has zero chance of success but if it does, I will be standing outside JCPenny's signs in hand. I hope Ellen says something.

 One Million Moms Pushes J.C. Penney to Drop Ellen Degeneres

After its recent victory against Planned Parenthood and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, One Million Moms, an offshoot of the American Family Association, has turned its sights on J.C. Penney. According to Reuters, OMM objects to the store because openly gay talk show host Ellen Degeneres is the new spokeswoman. Here are details about OMM and AFA and their recent campaigns.

* The AFA, a Christian organization, formerly called the National Federation for Decency, started in 1977 by a United Methodist Church pastor in Mississippi. Its mission is to "preserve marriage and family, decency, morality, sanctity of life, stewardship and media integrity."

* The AFA's One Million Moms, along with One Million Dads, speaks out against what members call the "culture war in America" by launching boycotts and letter-writing campaigns against advertising and television shows deemed objectionable and unhealthy for children. The major issues are TV violence, vulgarity and profanity in media.

* OMM began a campaign against J.C. Penney, faulting the store for selecting Degeneres, when most of the chain's customers are traditional families. OMM says Degeneres was chosen to satisfy a minority and that OMM speaks for the majority. The group also criticizes corporate and customer relations representatives for failing to respond to its complaints. OMM demands J.C. Penney replace Degeneres with someone who is "neutral in the culture war."

* Last week, One Million Moms won another battle against the breast cancer fundraising group Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Part of the Komen donations went to fund mammograms at Planned Parenthood, which sponsors abortion-related services.

* Planned Parenthood cannot use funds earmarked for breast cancer treatment in abortion activities. Republican Congressman Cliff Stearns has launched an investigation to make sure those funds are properly used, reports PBS News Hour. Planned Parenthood was also recently accused of being involved in a sex-trafficking activities, says National Review Online. However, Planned Parenthood says it was a hoax perpetuated by anti-abortion groups.

* Susan G. Komen has pulled its support from Planned Parenthood in light of investigations and pressure from OMM and other religious groups.

* In December, the Florida Family Association, a member group of the AFA, was successful in getting Lowe's to pull its advertisements from TLC's " All-American Muslim " reality television show, reports The Blaze. FFA said the show undermines family values and American democracy with an Islamic agenda.

* The AFA has a boycott against Home Depot, saying the home improvement superstore promotes a gay agenda by participating in gay pride parades and festivals.

Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben writes about parenting issues from 23 years raising four children and 25 years teaching K-8, home-school, special needs and adult education.

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Comment by Jared on February 6, 2012 at 3:52pm

Oh yes because Ellen selling JCPenny goods is a deciding factor for people going gay....people are dumbasses. Maybe there should be a group called "Pretty much everyone else who doesn't give a fuck who people are banging"

Comment by Jared on February 6, 2012 at 4:10pm

The Story Behind the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer


I think this is an interesting read from the Southern Poverty Law Center about the AFA

Comment by mary bottoms on February 6, 2012 at 5:23pm

Hhhhmmm. I wonder about the Million Moms. Both of 'em in all probability. Just like the wardrobe malfunction which turned out to be a few folks sending multiple emails.


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