Funerals, aren't they a sight to not see. What is it all about? Mourning? Depression? Of course theres going to be that at a funeral, but it shouldn't be promoted even more by just the setting. A typical funeral:
Rows of people in a church
All Wearing Black
Morbid music (preferably organ)
Priest that talks about the diseased
Crying, mourning, full sadness headon.

So many people in the church... Did the diseased know them all? probably not, probably knew them once in a while, or a relative of someone else, they don't really care or know the person as much as real friends, they're just there to "pay respect".

Get a little more morbid.. please... We wear black because its such a sad event, and its suppose to be sad.. by ritual, it just promotes negative emotions.

Music or Dread?
Why the sad music? Yes, again, someone died, I get it, but why again promote the emotions even more? Why would the diseased want people to be so sad for him?

Priest talking about the Diseased?
Did the Priest KNOW him/her? How does he/she have the right to talk about someone they probably never even met before! hm...

Heres my Funeral:
Wear anything you want, theres no special dreadful occasion, im gone, loosen up a little, dont worry about wearing black just to "pay" silly "repsects". Rows of people? No, I dont want relatives or friends of my friends coming just to "pay respect" and shift in their seats waiting for it to be over, do me a favor, if you see anyone dressed up in black at my funeral, kindly ask them to leave, because they didnt know me enough to know i dont want black attire at my funeral, so they dont know much about me. Priest talking about me? Nope, i want my friends to gather, share stories, reminisence, laugh, cry, get angry, get defenseless, together. Bring my friends together for one special occasion, my disease. No crying on random facts a Fake Priest says on the damn stand, no speaches by people that dont know me trying to make a generic fact that will fit any person dead, like "he was a great man" fuck you. Music? I don't care, play whatever, i'll probably go for a little "baby got back" or "lick my lollipop", whatever floats ur boats. :P

I don't want to be sufficated even more in a expensive piece of wooden casket thats going to disintegrate anyway, why keep me for safe keeping? so people can come to my grave and mourn even more? Im GONE! Get over me, theres alot more to life than mourning over the past. Cremation sounds good, but dont you dare fucking stick me in a jar, or box, or other storage facility, no better than sticking me in a coffin. Cremate me, throw my ashes in the ocean or through the air (preferably air, would be funny (for me) to land in someones coffee ;) ) and forget about me, again, life moves on, but by keeping me on this god forsaken world it just slows you down.

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Comment by Reggie on August 22, 2009 at 12:28pm
That mirrors some of my sentiments. In fact, my first blog post on Think Atheist was that very subject. Click here if you care to read it.

I want people to party their asses off at my funeral. Then cremate my remains so as to not waste land with a burial plot. Cemeteries are such a waste of land.
Comment by LaRae Meadows on August 22, 2009 at 6:06pm
I agree about the sad songs and the coffin but funerals actually help people move on. It isn't for you to decide if someone is sad because you are gone, unless you want to be a total bastard your whole life and make people happy you died. That's a good way to make sure they aren't sad. Seriously though, overpaying for a funeral is stupid but coming together to remember the life of someone you cared about and grieve together is perfectly natural. It's part of being an intellegent creature.
Comment by Krysis on August 22, 2009 at 11:43pm
All im saying is i dont like the ritualistic idea that "oh im going to funeral, i have to wear black, everyone going is going to wear black, if i dont wear black i may offend someone". I just went to a funeral today, Nothing happened, the pope guy just talked, spit a few verses from the bible, told a story from the bible, then somehow connected the story with the person deseased as in the sense of general statements of "he made everyone happy just by being there" - blab blab blab - "He loved God and God loved him" -blib blad bleb -"He was a great son and brother and will be missed dearly".

Yes there was crying, i cried even tho i didnt know him, i was there with my mom as she knew his brother. Its sad seeing other human being be in pain, thats why i cried, because so many were in pain, and throughout the ceremony it was all pain and crying. That NOT how i want my funeral to be, yes there will be crying no doubt, but im not having no dull depressing pain inducing funeral for 2 hours of mourning and tears.


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