On 13 February a suicide bombers attacked in Lahore 15 people died & many injured DIG traffic Captain Mobeen & SSP operations Mr ZM Gondal were also the victim of Lahore Blast. yesterday 6 people died in two suicide attacks in Peshawar Pakistan.

The responsibility of first attack accepted by Jamaat-Ul-Ahrar on their Facebook page. they are the same people who threatened many Pakistani atheists online. They are running these social media pages for a long time. Cyber crime bill has been passed but no actions were taken against them these attacks are happening while intelligence agencies are busy to trace atheist & secular people on social media judges are taking action against Valentines day & our cultural festival of Basant has been Banned.

This is not the first time few weeks ago more than six terrorists were caught in a religious Madrassa the owner of that is the member of national assembly in Pakistan but not actions were taken against him.

Madrassas are the factories of ignorance and terrorism where kids are taught the ideas of barbaric ideology of seventh century & as students complete their education they start imposing their holy shit on society such students are used to brain wash young generation to impose filthy ideas of terrorism.

Pakistani state should accept that the people who are behind this new wave of terror are those who were generated in religious madrasa then state used them for policy interest its the time to end this dirty games.

Every single terrorist who is involved in such terror attacks always belongs to a religious maddrassa & the owner of these factories of terror are controlled by those who enjoy democracy but want to live in seventh century neither these parliamentarians are questioned nor their dual faces are unveiled.

as terrorists attack in pakistani cities people are asked to say thanks to Allah because very few people died. Even this so called supernatural never controlled any blast nor helped people to save from terrror on the other hand People are told in mosque Allah is capable of everything blah blah blah.

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Comment by Pope Beanie on February 16, 2017 at 12:47pm

Do you know if there is a cause of this new wave, e.g. do you know if Trump's success has any effect?

Comment by Noon Alif on February 16, 2017 at 12:57pm
No i dont think because its happening for more than 16 years


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