Every Sunday, my niece comes over for tutoring. While I was discussing the lesson to my niece, my mom sat beside us and listened. She usually do this and it does not bother me but today was different. My mom had this look on her face that made me a bit uncomfortable. I tried to ignore her but I was so interested as to why she looked at me that way that when I was done tutoring my niece I immediately asked her. She told me you know, you're good at teaching and you know a lot of things, unfortunately you failed to learn something far more important than stars and planets... I was not sure how to reply to her without starting an argument because I already knew what she was referring to.


This was the first time my mom praised me regarding my job and it made me happy but on the other hand, it saddens because there's always something that we will never agree upon and that is our  view on religion.



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Comment by luvtheheaven on January 30, 2011 at 12:45pm
Maybe you should tell her that. Just word for word that last sentence in your blog post. I mean maybe it'd be nice if she knew how you felt - how you realized it was the first time she praised your job and that made you really happy and thank her for that and also tell her how her comment saddened you because you know you two will never agree on the subject of religion.


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