Ignorance- The lack of knowledge or information

That's a word with a meaning that people use to be complete jerks at times. A word we don't even realize it's more of a compliment and honesty then it is even a insult or a "Bad thing" Maybe i am not the one understanding but i think i got a pretty god handle on things and i want to state that Ignorance isn't bad that not being sure or having lack of Knowledge means nothing bad because someone who lacks in something can still learn can still experience and may still be experiencing and learning.   Every person on this earth is ignorant we are ignorant in nature or at least to me that's how i have always seen things in my eyes...So next time i see the word again remember your correct and your also the same in something's aren't you? Everyone learns everyone...

I just feel people use this word to hurt sometimes laugh at others but isn't that word maybe just coming back into your own faces? It's again just a thought a opinion though i strongly stand by it.

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Comment by Sheri S on January 27, 2014 at 9:03pm
Ignorance is only bad if you willfully choose to remain ignorant.
Comment by Royal red on January 28, 2014 at 7:45am

Agreed but we are all going to stay ignorant to some things aren't we?

I mean it's a word i like because its a word that tells us the world around us even when we search when we find to some extent we are still ignorant.


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