Goverment office staff beaten up and arrested for being an Atheist

I just read this news few minutes ago, and i must say this is the first time i can remember shit like this happened in my country...tho the story only comes up in local newspaper

The news, tho its in Indonesian

So i'll just sum it up here, without any less information provided by the newspaper.

A government office staff (31 years old) being an atheist since 2008 is arrested (tho i can say saved) after he was beaten up by a group of people who abruptly came into his office.

He have an online community in regards of Indonesia atheist (since i have no idea about the community, i'm just taking a measurement that its a national community)

He was beaten up in his office related to what he wrote online (tho the newspaper didn't specifically announce what he wrote)

On the other side, Fatwa Chairman of Indonesia Islamic Magistrate spoke that he just heard of this matter and announce that if the person was an moslem, then he must be ask if he really left islam...if he denies it 3 times, then an action must be taken (tho he didn't say what action should be taken, tho many islamic radicals will do as they please in this country.

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Comment by Steve on January 19, 2012 at 9:46am

Well, just by religious law, the penalty for apostasy is death. And there are plenty of crazy Muslims who won't hesitate a second to do just that

Comment by Okinawa R. on January 20, 2012 at 3:49am


well luckly Indonesia is a law based multicultural country...thus he's life will be spared, tho i'm quite sure that he will be removed from his office or transferred to office somewhere else since staying at his office would make problems later on...even staying at his region would be a bad move since even though he may be free from jail time, the people who beat him up definitely know about him and his private information.

I forgot to add that this event occurred on West Sumatra and  i know too well how the fanatics play their game over here...


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