Glen Beck, Liberation Theology, Social Justice and Christianity

It seems that Glen Beck is taking another crack at attacking "Social Justice". I always found it a bit curious that someone who preaches to Libertarian America would advocate for God and Christ.

Especially considering what is clearly Beck's version of Conservative Libertarianism, which seems to be based solely on selfishness and acquisition.

Which puts him in the curious position of interpreting the actions of what is written in the New Testament to NOT infer the "social justice" which it often promotes.

And while I may have numerous problems with the New Testament, it does clearly make statements involving putting others, especially the poor, before yourself (ex; Math 5-7 & Luke 1:53).

How does Beck reconcile these apparent contradictions between his philosophy of selfishness and biblical social justice?

He doesn't.

Instead, he tosses in an occasional; "Worship God!" to appease his followers who have no problem with the many inconsistencies and contradictions that both Beck and the Bible make.

Beck failed in his initial attempts to label; "Social Justice" as a non-Christian, Marxist ideal.This time around, he's making a go at it with a new label. That of; "Liberation Theology". Ironically this version of social justice had its origins in the Catholic Church back in the 1960's. It was quite popular amongst its followers up until the mid-80's.

I suspect Beck is hoping for greater success with his re-labeling of his original "Social Justice" argument because in order to fully understand Liberation Theology you have to have actually read history.

Because if there is one thing Beck understands;

It is that his followers are horribly ignorant when it comes to accurate interpretation of history. Therefore, they are quick to accept what he teaches.

After all, to them? It is only history. They do not seek to learn from it, they only seek to dismiss it.

Unless it can be twisted to promote their own selfish goals.

Rev. T.T. Pooka

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Comment by TheTruePooka on August 30, 2010 at 12:32pm
vespertillo, Beck strikes me as the type of person who believes in whatever will generate him the greatest publicity and money.

Shine, I find the new trend towards; "Stupid is good" to be very disturbing. Ironically, it is a very biblical concept. There are a number of places in the bible where the apostles (Especially Paul) condemn those who are wise and extol the virtues of being; "Foolish for God".

Ironically, it is another example of Beck diving into inconsistency, as he puts himself forth as; "A wise man".

I would say he is more of a; "wiseguy". :P


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