Gallop's attempt to prove that only 7% Muslims are extremists. Rest saints!!

I came across this year old video shared by a fellow member where few Muslim liberals used a Gallop poll to prove that most Muslims are not radical. They used this single poll to try to prove that Islam is totally a religion of peace. 

Taking a skeptical approach to every thing that we hear or see, lets try to investigate what evidence Gallop has for its shocking poll result.

First the video. Many people would want to avoid the 107 minute debate, but I would like to suggest it for it introduces a very talented new entry to the Atheist debaters camp. And its not Ayaan Hirsi Ali.You will also get introduced to modern Islamic defensive mechanisms.



In the whole video, Zeba khan was standing tall on the Gallop poll that showed that most muslims are like her, cute and friendly. The opposition never contested it for they might not have looked at the Gallop polls data.

Instead of rejecting media, which in this case is Gallop lets look at what evidence it provides. The poll is published in a book called Who speaks for Islam.... There are a lot of questions to look at but there is something that you will find a little odd. The 7% of muslims that are perceived to be radicals is based on the factor that they should have chosen 5/5 for the question. If muslims would choose 4 or 3 they are non radicals. I think, that's the core flaw of the poll. It is intended to be a shocker so that the book and Gallop's confidential research data can be sold at a price.

Gallop does address and justify this factor of considering Muslims as radical only if they vote 5/5. They give an example of a poll on the site in which 55% muslims agreed 1/5 when asked “How much can the events of 9/11 can be justified morally ?” and 7% muslims choose 5/5. So their logic is that if most muslims voted less than 5 for this particular answer, they can be considered liberal in their other answers too, Thus they conclude that the percentage of Muslims voting only 5/5 for all answers, to be considered radical.

There is another eyewash to this poll. Although the poll was done in 32 nations, many of these are also secural democratic nations. The Gallop pdf will however only show percentage wise results for the known Muslim nations and then give us an overall average. It is not shown how many people in each country were asked the particular question. Guess one has to pay to get that answer. One of the questions asked to Women as per this pdf provided on their site is that if "Women are able to make their own decisions on whom to vote for." 69% of women in Saudi Arabia say that they can.  The funny thing is, in Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to vote. The King gave approval last month for women to vote in 2015 that too due to defiance of his own daugher.. This lays serious doubts to the veracity of this poll.

For data to investigate, all they give is a flashy pdf with a percentage and ask for a fee when one asks for a more detailed analysis. Sad... I wish these kind of organizations wouldn't exist but they do. The only way to fight them is with facts not denial. I may be wrong in my brief analysis or there must be more to be added to this eyewash of a poll. Please feel free to modify this argument!!


p.s. If we research more into this and find that the Gallop polling methods are questionable, lets push this collected research into Wikipedia. It will help a lot of people.

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Comment by Hope on October 20, 2011 at 6:07pm

Thanks for sharing this! 

that approval last month was a good but we cant even call it a step cuz women here are not interested in voting..there are more important things to be fixed...

Comment by Sassan K. on October 20, 2011 at 6:12pm

great post and analysis!


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