First and foremost - I'm a free thinker, above that of Atheist. The greatest disrespect a person can do to that understanding - is to stop thinking and to treat it as a perfection or the end of the search. Atheism is not perfection or without blemish, and is deserving of challenge and deep introspection. When we stop questioning the validity of our own claims,  defend through irrationality or by bypassing the core of topic - to instead promote our disbelief and the 'greatness' of Atheism - we are what we once admonished in religion. I wrote a small entry of Atheism and parenting, this was met with not only opposition - but inability to understand topic or through dissonance , ignore the main point of topic and instead make accusation, claims of generalization against me and etc... As I come back to read the comments left on my page in my absence from this particular forum - I see that little has changed . The core of that discussion is still missed - and still more 'evidence' for women being in Atheism is being placed in comments - when existence of women in Atheism is not in dispute <---I'm a woman and I'm an Atheist. A person can for all appearances otherwise seem capable of comprehension - until you rattle their own sense of beliefs and allegiances to that belief or non belief. This is exhibited in comments and replies. 


So I no longer answer those comments - for they continue the ignorance of the topic.  

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