i have 3 books here and ill post them anywhere to some person who wants them, the socialist in me wants to give them to someone who has no spare money to buy the books. so please no rich cunts.

i know we have a book swap or something here but i would like the books to go to someone who actually posts.

the books are

thge end of faith by harris, the cover has been ripped for use as roaches, sorry
god is not great by hitchens. made roaches from this cover also, oops
the greatest story ever told by dawkins, same

one book per person, i woul;d also like you to agree to send it on to anotrher , if wanted.

take care

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Comment by Christopher McGuire on March 29, 2010 at 7:45am
Sir, If you're willing to send it out, I'd love to get my hands on 'God is not Great' by Hitchens. I feel I fit your 'No Rich Cunts' category, as I don't have a job. I really would buy these books if I had the money, but at the moment, it would become a choice of 'eat this week, or read this book (then eat it out of desperation)'. Also, all the books I do have, I make sure are read by any of my friends who would like to read them.
Comment by a7 on March 29, 2010 at 10:48am
ok send your address

the hitchens bnook is away man, sorry, you want any the other two

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