Fake, phony and fraud--the good "Dr." Eric von Anderseck--Do so-called "evangelists" have no shame?

Recently on Yahoo Answers, one of my questions in the R&S section was answered by someone claiming to be "Dr." Eric von Anderseck.  Now, anyone can claim anything on the internet, so I did some research on the man and found out that yes, his name is Eric von Anderseck, but NO he is NOT A REAL SCHOLAR, as he gave himself that designation through his "self accredited" school that he promotes through the internet.  I visited his website, where he promotes his own brand of theology, and claims to be the "Chief Apostle." I also read his ummm..."dissertation" and wondered why an accredited school was not listed on his paper.  I found out why after reading his bio on the site, as he is "self accredited."  This allows him to promote his own brand of theology through his website, and his "self-published" books. 

Yesterday I could access his "about" page on the site, but today for some reason, it's not there.  Hmmm.....perhaps he is trying to "reinvent" himself again?
Here is the site:http://www.second8thweek.com/index.php

At least he admits he is NOT recognized by the US Department of Education.  That is about the only "honest" information you can find on his site, which you can find  in his "catalog." 

My research resulted in a one-sided email exchange with "Dr." von Anderseck, where I asked him where I asked him where he got his credentials, and challenged him to answer another question I asked based on his answer to my previous question.  Not only did I not receive a reply, he also failed to answer the question.  Hmmmm........have they no shame???

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