Dominionism: Rick Perry vs. the Harlot of Babylon

Last week, I was successfully ignoring Rachel Maddow in favor of a good book, when some particularly insane religious prophesy rattled out of the speakers and hijacked my conscious. "Oprah is the Harlot of Babylon...?"  I smiled, set down my book, and tuned in for the lolz.  Well, it wasn't comedic as much as horrifying.  No longer blissfully ignorant, I feel it is my patriotic duty to inform you of yet another republican who believes he communicates with God and who is hot for the highest office of the land...Governor Rick Perry. 


Rick Perry's recent Prayer Rally brought to light his connection to a ring of pastors who believe they are modern day "Apostles."   These "Apostles" and their followers claim they are capable of prophesying about what must be done to bring about "The End Times."  Their movement, called the New Apostolic Reformation, seeks to "infiltrate" the seven "mountains" of society in order to get things rolling (Since, the end of the world is a good thing if you're good with God!).  The first thing I ever heard of Rick Perry, was how he was 'reluctant to run' but that members of his family and church were urging him to step up.  It seems a number of "Apostles" believe Rick Perry is their man. 


I wasn't going to post any of this, except for Heather Spoonheim's startling post reveals that Michelle Bachmann is also connected to similar ideologues.  In the attached CNN clip, this cheery theology is referred to as "dominionism."  


Start the YouTube video at 1.54 if you want to save time.





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Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on August 19, 2011 at 6:45am

Cindy Jacobs is big in the NAR and even normal xtians should denounce her as a false prophet. See also this crap.


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