Religious sects are the very basic problem of a religious society as we know in Pakistan sectarian violence is at its peak. Every 2nd day people are being killed and kidnapped on sectarian grounds.

A religious state SaudiArabia which is unable to give equal right to other sects of Islam & same with Iran whether its Shia or Sunni, Islamic ideology spread barbarism & terrorism.
all the Islamic sects & religious organisations stand on the ground of terror , bullying & harassing each other & their non Muslim community these people never play any role for the betterment of the society.
These religious sects & organisations have disturbed the basic notion of humanity since Islam started this has become their business.I say these organisations & Sects must be banned.
Their basics stand on religion that's why i say religion promotes ignorance. Every 2nd week in Pakistan these people block the roads streets & make outrageous speeches against each other..They show their violent stunts openly.
Pakistan has become the Clericstan these people never care about the rule & law everybody wants to free his sectarian religious criminals. The Freedom of speech conjugation only look better when it plays an constructive role in the society otherwise we can see the position of UK under the hand of Islamist. 
In Pakistan today Shias are protesting
tomorrow Deobandi Salafi gonna start
& the next day Sunni Brelvi would be protesting with a dead body on roads. As long as their basics stands on religious ignorance these turns not gonna finish.
Against my criticism a modern Muslim guy replied on twitter 
it is called sectarianism unfortunately these are the blots on the face of Islam if state is separated from religion this problem would solve 
I said No 
sectarianism is not a blot on the face of Islam it is the real face of Holy religion because when religion starts dividing the people in the different sects society becomes a hell i asked him about a single Islamic country where Islam is not diving the society in sects where this division is not becoming a big trouble for humanity
then The modern Muslim says Joseph Stalin killed lot of people Blah blah  blah .
If Deobandi & SunniBarelvis are sent to India Shias are sent to Iran Salafis are sent to Saudi Arabia then 70% population will disappear & all problem would be sorted then i am 100% sure Ahmadies will start spreading the caliphate stupidity. On and on . 

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Comment by Daniel W. on November 10, 2016 at 9:04pm

Gosh, this makes it seem like Islam might not be a religion of peace!

Comment by Noon Alif on November 11, 2016 at 1:34pm
Of course its not i experienced a lot being a pakistani
Comment by Simon Paynton on November 11, 2016 at 2:14pm

Why did the two sides not get on in the first place?  Was it a power struggle from day 1?  I understand that when Mohammed died, two factions arose.  This is unfortunate.  Is Islam especially intolerant? 


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