Lady justice is blind, its the law and facts that will drive the results of the court cases. But unfortunately judges are deciding cases based on their political beliefs and judges who decide the cases impartially are being removed from their job. 

In the 1800's after the civil war blacks were given voting rights in the south but the supreme court ruled people are separate but equal leading to decades of discrimination. The discrimination of the blacks for many more decades would not have happened if the judges had interpreted the law correctly and ruled the people were equal 

In 1900's during the during the one of the worst recession the high was reversed most of the plans of Franklin Roosevelt to reform the economy again its a political decisions rather impartial judicial decisions.

Citizens United case is another example of where high court ruled not in favor of people, letting huge corporations influence elections.

The health care law was barely passed but states were given a free reign to not implement the law and  commerce clause which was used federal government to stop various bad things states were doing like segregation etc has been curtailed seriously. 

The conservative bias of the high court is taking the country back many years undoing the hard worn battles. Its like playing a game where referees are not impartial and already decide which team wins. Its time for impartial judiciary which will interpret law as it is written but not change it to fit their political ideology? Is this a valid argument? Also I think there should be term limits for judges 5 or 10 years at the most what do others think about this?



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Comment by matt.clerke on October 4, 2012 at 7:14pm

The law should not be written in such a way as to be interpreted. Maybe that is not possible, in which case Judicial reform may by the next best thing.


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