Automated Morality Reminder for the Tampa Bay Christian Majority

I received an automated phone message today from the mayor's office  of Tampa, reminding the good citizens of Tampa Bay to "behave responsibly" at Gasparilla. I'm stunned! (Despite this, I am still able to type.)

I can't believe that government dollars were spent on this! In the context of TA, why the fuck would they even need to send messages in the first place!? This is a Christian nation, right? What's the percentage of theists, again? The automated calls should have only been received by professed atheists. The God-fearing people of the lightning capital of the world should be up in arms that they should need such a reminder!

I am going to make an educated guess, and say that a theist with a girthy stick up the ass came up with the idea. Although a lone gunman is possible, I doubt that the plan was without the approval of others. I'm also guessing that upon the announcement of the idea, there may have been one person who had the thought--only the thought--that something wasn't kosher with it. She or he didn't say shit in protest during the meeting when it was hatched, so it remained a mere thought...resulting in the phone call that pissed me off so very much.

So the point? I'm pissed that 80%-90% of Gasparilla attendees have a god-belief, and are thought to be moral people because of that belief, but yet the irony is lost on the local government that they still felt the need to send out a public service voicemail to remind people that they should refrain from drunken brawls, flashing bits and pieces in public, and projectile vomiting in the street after barely making it past an occupied baby stroller. (and I'm pissed about group-think in general)

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