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Or specifically, why I am not an apatheist.

I'm not exactly sure how long the term's been in common usage (and you know how I feel about doing research), but I'd guess it's only really taken off since atheism started becoming mainstream. For anyone not quite caught up, "apatheism" is a portmanteau of "apathy" and "theism" (or "atheism", I suppose), and refers to people who profess not to care whether or not God exists.

Now, I don't generally have many complaints with apatheists. I've been living with one for the better part of a year, and it's a position which doesn't naturally give rise to any sort of fundamentalist fervour, so generally we're cool, apatheists and me. But I've decided lately that it's not a position that I personally identify with.

It's simple enough to sum up why.

A substantial number of the most popular conceptions of God throughout history and around the world - including probably the all-time numero uno himself - possess, we're told, both the power and the authority to condemn each of us to eternal suffering, should he will it.

I'm a heroically lazy individual, but even I can't muster up much apathy on the subject of my being condemned to eternal suffering.

Anyone who's ever really believed in it can probably back me up on this: Hell is really fucking scary if you actually take it seriously. If I thought there was any remote possibility that I might be screwing things up the way I'm going at the moment, and risking sending myself there by worshipping the wrong god or rejecting the one true path to salvation, I'd want to seriously look into that. I don't think I'd be able to simply shrug the problem off, or dismiss it as something not really relevant to my life. I'm pretty sure you'd have to be insane not to care about God's possible existence, or the exact nature of his whims, if you thought that unending torture was genuinely on the cards.

But in general - my flatmate notwithstanding - those apatheists aren't crazy. And so I don't think it's overly presumptuous to suggest that most apatheists do actually maintain some significant religious positions. They'd probably agree, if pushed, that they count their odds of being sent to Hell for eternal punishment after they die to be about as negligible as I do. And that's not a trivial or careless conclusion; Hell is a culturally ubiquitous concept, described in the holy text of the predominant religion on the planet, held sacred by billions of people. It's not an obvious nonsense to someone who's never given the subject a moment's thought.

So I think it makes sense to suggest that an actual disregard for the subject isn't what most people mean when they call t

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Comment by jb2013 on November 7, 2013 at 8:12pm

I like that, thank you for introducing me to the term. I like that better than agnostic. I understood agnostic to be without knowlege of whether god exists or not and then I hear others say some other definition of agnostic. I concider myself agnostic because I just plain don't know if god is or not. I do feel pretty sure that all the religions we have about god are pretty messed up and am not about to believe any of that stuff. But the word apatheism describes my thinking right on the nose. It is ok about the burning in hell part because I don't think that was god's idea (if there is a god) I think the mean old parts of god were just a bunch of overzelots trying to over sell their religion. I really do not care if god is real or not. It won't change how I live. Either way I will treat people with respect and not do bad stuff. I would hate to think that the only reason I was a good person was to keep from burning in hell. Thanks again... apatheismm... I like it.


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