American Christians "Saving" Foreign Orphans

Apparently folks in the Christian Quiverfull movement are being targeted with another message that conveniently increases the size of the flock: there is a global orphan crisis--163 million children in the Third World in need. The actual statistic is 17 million orphaned children, many of whom live with other family members. What does it mean for the people of Third World nations when hoards of well-intentioned American Christian families seek to rescue these non-existent orphans? A slew of illegal, unethical adoptions. An entire industry built on procuring the right type of child to fit an American family's request. Coercive "pregnancy homes," such as we had in the 1950s for unwed mothers. Kidnapping. Financial gifts to communities that give away their children. Boom and bust adoption based economics. Kids coming to America, who upon learning to speak English, report, "I have another family in Ethiopia."

It gets worse. Some of the families who take in these children have a savior mentality, thinking, anything is better for these children than languishing in institutions in the Third World. So, they take on "one more" child and then another, even when they already have large biological families. These mega-families in America (from a dozen to 75 children!) become institutions in and of themselves for purely logistical reasons.

This is really mind-blowing. The perception of an adoption crisis, spread by Christian leaders creates a demand for adoptable children where there are none. This has got to stop. For more insights into the problem check out the links bellow.


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