I am 45yr and have 4 grown kids, my oldest lives in China with his girlfriend. Crystal lives about 1 mile from me with her husband and daughter. Linda lives about 5 miles away with her in-laws and stepson. Tim lives with me. Patrick is four, I adopted him,he is mine now so I have 5 kids in total. Pink is my favorite color and I live on chocolate. I love the little town I live in. I have mountains on three sides and it is beautiful!!!. I have a large extended family with 5 siblings,grown nices and nefews and some greats to. I used to be a nurse. I have been looking for a good believe system pretty much my hole life. I think I will like this site a lot! Thats it for now, got things to do. Pink mom

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Comment by Frink on January 27, 2009 at 1:02pm
Nice intro. I find it sad that people seem to think atheists are somehow abnormal and strange. As you plainly demonstrated, we're just people with lives, like anyone else.


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