On 13 April 1919 dirty tactics were used by British Raj in Subcontinent. On 13 April General Harry Dyer ordered to shoot the unarmed people in Jallianwala Bagh. On 13 April General Harry Dyer proved his lewdness & again the same day this lewdness was repeated by Muslims in Pakistan. 

 On 13 April 2017 a Muslim mob attacked our humanist friend Mashal Khan in Mardan & brutally killed him. Even police was there & many people were making video of his brutal killing but nobody tried to save his life. His killing was not condemned by any politician or state authorities unless his innocence was not proved by cyber crime authorities they all waited for the facts whether he committed blasphemy or not. 

We should teach our kids about morality from childhood but in Pakistan kids are taught the barbaric Arab ideology as a blessing

After reading Islam for ten years in school two years in college if the ability of questioning doesn’t emerge then the a kid becomes an animal which is called a Muslim everybody can observe such animals from this incident & videos can easily be found on google. 

On the killing of our humanist friend the people who call Islam a religion of peace instead feeling any shame they told us the stories of crusades & the barbaric stories of Chairman Mao. 

Mashal was Marxist. At his brutal act many Muslims on social media asked me to condemn & write some words about Syria. A brain patient of a political party said that ANP (Socialist Party) is a Atheist party because their roots belong to socialism they are following the footsteps of communists & socialists he danced all night on this lie. 

Muslim mob kept hitting his dead body with sticks & stones. A Muslim from his province commented on my post & said that Koran orders to kill all the infidels but our government doesn’t punish such people according to the blasphemy law that’s why people take law & order in their own hand. 

It’s a thing to think that does the Arabic Allah have the ability to order Pakistani people to take law & order in their own hand ??  It is claimed that he talks in caves with the help of angels’ religious liars attach beautiful adjectives with his name but he can’t say a word against any brutality which is generated by his holy shit.

A wolf named Islam has destroyed our peace in Pakistan. It’s said that a bird can’t fly without Allah’s permission but he didn't take any action to bring peace in our country such god must be buried with his ignorant followers. 

When dirty secret agencies abducted the bloggers in January they asked them to say shahada & checked their circumcise. On 13 April same thing was repeated by Muslim animals.

The video which was recorded inside Mashal's room Muslim animals were throwing stones on him & chanting Allah Hu Akbar (Allah is great) Laabaik ya Rasool Allah (O my Prophet here I am at your service (O Muhammad of Arabia you are our General Dyer


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