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A very short explanation of secular humanism

There are some interesting topics going on at their Facebook page and theirwebsite. Note...you don't have to be an atheist to be a humanist...though there really aren't that many who aren't. The only thing missing from the very brief explanation is…


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What a shock! Human sacrafice and religion went hand in hand for keeping rich powerful douchebags stay rich and terrify the masses.

This CBC article covers he interesting research on Polynesian cultures:

Why did so many ancient societies around the world make human sacrifices to appease the gods? A new study supports the theory that the practice may have played a key role in…


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free speech on campus

A member of student council in a Maine college is being sanctioned and possibly expelled from the council for passing by a tequila party were some people wore little sombreros. That ghastly grizzly gross insensitivity of the most unforgivable…


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Is this just cuckoo? Is this just the radical opposite of what trump is doing?

Like the old days...student activism has come back with a vengence. On the BBC:

Harvard abolishes 'master' in titles in slavery row

Harvard University in the US is going to remove the word "master"…


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Respecting the ultimate right

Canada is joining the very small club of countries that do not force a human to suffer needlessly in agonizing pain and decide when they go. They are about to respect their own Canadian charter of human rights to its final conclusion: letting people make their own decisions about their lives and their bodies. Many of us see this as a…


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No big bang

A possible new model (not actually new) reframes the universe game both in terms of age and size and singularities and gravity and passionate explosions. A possible game changer if the theory can expand and withstand scrutiny and testing (and predictive force). It is still in its infancy but if true it would mean that the only big bangs in the universe occur by animals on the…


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Scalia Was Conservative and Outspoken but Was Almost Never The Most Conservative Justice On The Supreme Court

Turns out he wasn't the most conservative after all. Having said that...he was still super conservative (for the developed world by 21st century standards.

According to an article on Nate Silverman's website (I was lucky to see the great statistician speak at Leuven's prestigious Christmas lecture) there is a method to qualify/quantify liberal and conservative…


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Gravitational waves

This rather suggestive image to the right (rather like some of these paintings of flowers which remind the viewer of something) is…


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The beauty of knowingly being deceived and allowing oneself to be tricked by illusions

What happens when you put mirrors on a house in the dessert. As we understand more and more the human mind we have been able to both experience illusions but also understand them and enjoy them. In this way...we can manipulate illusions so that we participate in meta-illusion…


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Those receptive to bullshit may show lower cognitive abilities, be prone to conspiracies and religious bullshit and swallow alternative medicine.

People are incredibly receptive to meaningless buzzwords, according to a new study in the journalJudgment and Decision Making. Yes, the vast majority of people are willing to believe complete bullshit, to use the scholarly term. (Title of the study: "On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit.")

Over the course…


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A point against and a point for humanity and Salt Lake City this week

The Mormon church recently formalized their homophobic hate by making gay hate a part of their policy. Children of gay parents (which the church hates) cannot be Mormons unless they also hate their parents and renounce them. If this isn't a case of inciting hatred...I don't know what is. Fortunately...some Mormons with a sense of humanity left the church in a …


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Foot prints

My grandmother passed away in her sleep yesterday after over 90 years of blasting through life with passion, generosity and unbounded love. She supported every interest I had (buying my first piano and saying bravo loudly...if...and only if I had finally reached my goal and played it well). That's the kind of encouragement you need. The same goes with my studies, sports, love for travel and my intellectual interests. She was cheap with the little things and price didn't matter for the big…


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Mummified lion and other animals

Lions a mere 12,000 years mummied...have been found rather well preserved...and as cute as heck. The first image is one of the cubs. I decided to look at images of other mummified animals and placed them below to share with you. Some were mummified by egyptians and neighbours...others by nature. The second last one is the human animal (a siberian mummified which had tattoos) and the last one was a hoax of a…


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First evidence that "group prejudice" and "religious believe" are located in the same chunk of our alpha-neanderthal brain

Not that anyone is surprised but group prejudice (or bias) is linked to sky God thinking and one-with-the-conscious-spirit-of-the-world. I've only read the abstract and will try to read the article...though not sure I'll understand it.…


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Crescent Pluto

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Priest according to the dictionary.

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American's are stupid and atheist secular Marxist femimazi transgender boogeymen have been infiltrating every corner of America at all levels...as libtard bogeymen do.

When retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, the current GOP 2016 front-runner, campaigns, he routinely pitches "common sense solutions from We the People." But it seems the candidate who…


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Understanding consent ... through a cup of tea.

We've touched this topic a few times over the last year. I've always considered consent a pretty big deal...and have noticed too many of my acquaintances (mostly guys) completely misunderstanding what should be a total no-brainer.

It's a quick video that explains why it IS a big deal.

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Church says bike lane would violate their right to religious freedom

The District government is going through the rather municipally boring process of determining where to build a bike lane on the east side of downtown.

And one church has given a charged response to some proposals, saying that a bike lane near its property would infringe upon “its constitutionally protected rights of religious freedom and equal protection of the…


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France and just how strict should secularism be.

France is going through one of its periodic bouts of "secularitis" - that disease of the national soul whose symptom is loud and prolonged agonising over the encroachments of religion.

This time the issue is school meals - and specifically the question of whether town authorities should be obliged to…


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