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My Heart Attack

   One week ago today after getting home from work I decided to take care a few things around the yard followed by wrestling the spare tire from under the minivan to change a flat. Then it hit, my chest hurt rapid heart rate shortness of breath so I went into the the house. I sat in a the chair while my family asked I I thought I was having a heart attack? I said I don't know, this wasn't passing quickly like a few other times I had simular but not as strong feelings. After 20 minutes I…


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A moment of prose

"I stand here on the beach I call life.

Little by little the sand is sifting from under my feet with the ebb and flow of the tide.

My thoughts are wandering as I cast them out on the dark blue horizon.

The passage of time continues as I seem unaware.

Slowly I sink with little desire to struggle while trying to figure where I went wrong.

The sand is warm and the water is cool as we blend into one."



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No true confidant.

I find myself in what I feel to be an odd or maybe even rare situation, I don't know, but it seems like I do not have a true "confidant". One would think it would be my best friend. I haven't even told him about my atheism yet. He is very close to my family and is a real good friend to my wife which makes it awkward to discuss matters of my own relationship. My wife has a few confidants (I'm not one of them) in the family. The people I'm around the most is her family so any topics involved I… Continue

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Senior Moment....Too Funny

If your going to have a senior moment...then do it style.


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I need help please...

I'm trying to help my daughter with her upcoming science project.

I am trying to get information on where a Stingray's brain located.

Any info, links or diagrams appreciated.

I have tried looking it up but have not found anything useful and I know very little about marine biology.


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Into the Mirror

Sharing what posted in facebook notes


Into the Mirror

by: Walter C. Maki



Raising my head to see what is in the mirror

The face seems familiar but something has changed

Though the look in his eyes still have that glimmer

They are backed by an inquisitive hint of disappointment

The man in mirror the doesn't look sad as if he lost a friend

His expression carries the traces of he use to think was…


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My FaceBook Status...(an ice breaker towards making public my atheism)

Here is my current status.


"Food for thought: 

Does it really matter? When your life is saved directly like the police, fire fighters and EMTs often do everyday. How about directly/indirectly the people serving in the military sacrificing their rights and lives to protect your/our way of life. Does it really matter what their personal lives and beliefs/unbeliefs are? When in danger would you refuse their help if they are different from you?"

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WTF!!! Glen Beck Easter Essay.....with Pink Floyd?

Sorry to all those PInk Floyd fans but he used their material for the background music AAAAAARRRRRGH!


Here is the kink that came up on my facebook-




How dare he taint my rock n roll!!!

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This was good statement until...

I got this post off my facebook page.


He had me 2/3 of the way until....


Here is the post:


So much hate based on false Gods and religions that have been hijacked, but when it comes to seeking truth the skills they all lack. Walking around daily thinking they are right and I am wrong, looking down on me as I write this song. I am the outcast, the infidel, the loser of society, but fuck the world cause at least…


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Flirting with Disaster...I walked away

Flirting with Disaster…I walked away

By Walter C. Maki


Some might say I am lucky or lead what might be called a charmed life or just too plain stubborn to be a statistic.

Here are the highlights about some of my driving events with a brief story to go with each of them (any names appearing in the stories have changed to protect their identity).


Party Daze:

My friend Joe figured that it would be good to party with a few girls…


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I found one of my baby pictures...

Of course I had more hair back then.

Aren't I just adorable :)

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A True Free Thinker?

Me and my wife had a very interesting talk yesterday. She mentioned something I thought would be good post to the free thinking people of T/A. (I put it in blog form to keep better track of it)



How can there be a true (100%) free thinker?


She mention that it would not be possible to be one because every one has a bias. 

For example murder- we will make an assessment of the act without knowing what is actually…


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Ugh...Face palm self for my own inaction

Earlier today I was outside hanging up clothes to dry on the line and a pair of kind little old JW ladies drove onto my property. One handed me a flyer about a couple of services they were going to have to talk about jesus and easter, I basically just nodded my head and said uh huh. Mind has went mostly blank after hearing we are commanded to observe what christ has done for us. My face and head hurt while maintaining a pleasant expression demeanor. I was busy and just did not want to get in…


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"You might be an Atheist"

With all the seriousness going on around I felt the need to add some humor in here.

This is just for fun and encourage all to participate.


In a "You might be a Redneck" it is


"You might be an Atheist"


I will get the ball rolling.


If you have a tatoo of Darwin on your shoulder...You might be an Atheist


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Atheist in foxholes

My loving (theistic) wife actually come across this:


Little by little...we will get through to the delusional that we are here to stay.



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Codex Sinaiticus

I came across this and thought it would be interesting to look at. It is suppose to be a book over 1600 years old.

It has Greek to English Translation on some of it.


link bellow:

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Good Samaritan or simple act of kindness?

I was on my way to Douglas (AZ) today when on the other side of the highway I saw a truck that had a trailer in tow with it's flashers (hazard lights) on. Even though I was on a rather tight personal schedule I turned around at the first available spot on the road. What I found was Hispanic man with his family on his way to Phoenix (AZ). His truck had a flat tire and the spare he had would not fit. He asked if there was a tire shop near by and I told yes just up the road about a mile. I asked… Continue

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My Journey and a bit about where I came from.

I want to start off by saying how much I enjoy this site. I have learned a lot so far. You All Rock!!!


I am in a fledgling (noob) state of atheism so I am like a sponge for learning more about my awakening. It started not too long ago with my wife's cousin openly expressing that he is an atheist. He made statements that angered me at first. But I was drawn to find out why he felt the way he did. This got me to "bible study" so to speak. Little did I know it got my brain back…


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