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Most insidious thing about religion

The most insidious thing about religion is how it conditions our minds to believe that what we see in the world, what is right in front of us, is not real. Instead there are invisible forces manipulating what we think is reality. Reality is behind the curtain. You must believe it.

-98% of climate scientists are wrong

-evolution is a hoax

-does anyone remember when plate tectonics was a hoax? I learned that in the 70's. Don't hear that anymore though.

-we can pay…


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in the absence of a cliffhanger

as our congregation of lying nitwits & corporate whores

beat the drum incessantly


bringing pain to the eardrums of the

american people,

with all their fingers in the pies of the media

sending cues to the hollow reporters who are

pretending to ponder every next “move” of

the republicans & the democrats

(two puppet hands from the same puppeteer, whose

eyes never leave the prize---that of more…


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after declining to succumb to the

romantic notions of

mr. majid mohavedi,


a once beautiful Iranian Woman,

ran from him

while he relentlessly stalked her for

two years until he found her &

threw a bucket of acid on her face,

melting all of her physical beauty away &

blinding her

completely in


after 17 surgeries,

she is still blind &

she will be for the rest of her…


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I think we should take a different approach….

(For the American members)

Instead of protesting or arguing against the pledge’s -“one nation under god” or the “in god we trust” on our US currency, or the “so help me god” in our oath… … we should allow it. We should allow it under one circumstance.

That the word “god” be clarified. “god” is vague. Which “god”? Out of the thousands of gods that have existed…. To which god are we referring to? If we cannot specify which one – then the clause must be removed.…


Added by Jason on July 31, 2011 at 8:50am — 3 Comments

Terror in Norway - the lasting impact

There have been two major stories emerging from the terror, and these are some of questions I have to answer almost daily from non-Norwegians (apart from "WTF dude?!"):

Why are you so lenient against the bastard? He should have been shot at the spot! -Because we don't like suffering. We hate it.

What the…


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This Week In God

First up from the God Machine this week is a look at an unexpected religious coalition that’s trying to influence the outcome of the debt-ceiling fight on Capitol Hill. This coalition, made up of several different Christian denominations, has an important goal: looking out for those likely to be hurt the most by the Republican crisis.



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Please enter "No Religion" in this week's census

The time is finally upon us Australia. Census forms have started to appear on our doorsteps, and if you truly care about where money goes in this country I implore you to answer these questions correctly and truthfully. And in particular, if you are not religious now, I urge you to place "No religion" in the area for religion.

Why? I'll tell you why!

The AFA's Census website states quite clearly why it it important to answer this question correctly and… Continue

Added by Martin Pribble on July 29, 2011 at 10:00pm — 1 Comment

Atheist vs. Agnostic

I am an atheist. Let me be clear. I don’t believe in any gods or goddesses. I don’t believe in ghosts or ESP. I don’t believe in anything you might associate with the supernatural. Period.


Yet, there is a move often made by theists. It goes a little something like this:


Theist: Can you prove that (my) God does not exist?

Atheist: Not absolutely, no.

Theist: Then you should really call yourself an agnostic.


Many of us then go into…


Added by Michael Gage on July 29, 2011 at 9:15pm — 6 Comments

Legally backed/obliged faith

  Here in the Islamic wacky land of Indonesia the devout are everywhere. Running too and fro  humming, mumbling, beating drums, reciting, and handing coins to beggars for everyone to see. Obsessing over Islamic rules first stated in popular hearsay manuals like Bhukari's hadith, all the while turning a blind eye to the playing out of such social taboos as homosexuality, kissing, drinking and basically any western "too free society" influence on TV daily, or on the streets of Jakarta…


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Everyone must end genital mutilation

Let there be no doubt this is a brutal, painful, humiliating and completely unnecessary procedure performed only because of tradition. This is done to millions of women every year usually without proper anesthetic, sterilization, equipment or training. The World Health Organization points out these important facts (here):

  • The procedure has no health benefits for girls and women.
  • Procedures can cause…

Added by Doubting Thomas on July 29, 2011 at 11:32am — 4 Comments

Islamic Halloween Party

It is now two days away from Ramadan and the Islamic world is gearing up for another month of ritual starvation aimed at helping the devout empathize with the poor by eating like pigs before going hungry till 6pm when they eat like pigs again!

 Funny thing is if you ask most Muslims why they starve themselves they won't know. they will only tell you that it is what they are supposed to do. No surprise, at least not here in Indonesia as the average Muslim is a blathering…


Added by Mike on July 29, 2011 at 11:00am — 3 Comments

not an exit

not an exit: your faith is not an exit as there are others around you who still have to endure living with you until you are dead & until that day when you finally go you have to live with the rest of us you cannot simply relinquish your responsibilities & walk towards the light because news flash: the light is not there, no, there is no big red sign over a door that specifically allows you & you alone to run from your troubles you can pump your veins full of everything…


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Why do we do this?

I see a lot of Christians hating on Muslims. I see a lot of Muslims hating on Christians via mainstream media.  I do not personally know many Muslims.  I also see many Atheists hating on Christians, but not really so much with Muslims.  Are we bashing our greatest perceived enemies?


Is this a window to our fears?  On a completely human and emotional level, do we make the barriers to protect ourselves from the destruction of our beliefs?  I feel that is why so many people…


Added by Michelob on July 28, 2011 at 9:00pm — 28 Comments

Reporter for CBS Stoned While Walking With A "Foreigner"

I was watching CBS last night and this really bothered me.


A reporter did a story on a member of the Army, Major Jim Crawford, who is stationed in Afghanistan, and how he has adapted to the culture through customs and clothing in an effort to become more accepted.


During the story the reporter was walking with Major Crawford down a public street wearing a full covering and because you could not see that she was a white reporter, it was assumed an Afghan women…


Added by Robert Karp on July 28, 2011 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

Self-proclaimed atheist

I often read crap on the internet about atheists. I find the disinformation extremely amusing. I was curious why atheist are so often referred to as “self-proclaimed atheist”? I have a lot seen videos in which atheists participate in debates or interviews and are introduced as “a self-proclaimed atheist”. What does this mean really? Why do they say it? Is there a verification process I am ignorant to? Yes, that last question is sarcastic. Do they not believe us? I just don’t get it.

Added by Kelly minders on July 28, 2011 at 11:53am — 1 Comment

Will Al Gore return his Oscar and Nobel now that NASA has shown it's all bollocks?

Dear members of TA,


I have found some in this excellent website belong to another type of church: I call it "The Al Gore Church of Irate Gaia".


Well, guess what: I bring good tidings for the Gaia Atheists like me: peer-reviewed study which shows, based on a NASA new satellite data, that the amount of heat let off by the atmosphere into space is greater than the one assumed for all the fatalistic models which Al Gore (et al) shoved down our…


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Atheist group sues over cross at Sept. 11 museum

In an article in the Wall Street Journal by the Associated Press, the argument is made that the cross being erected at the 9/11 memorial is unconstituational because

The museum is a public institution and should not reflect a specific religion, said the American Atheists, a nonprofit group aimed at safeguarding separation of church and state that filed the civil lawsuit in Manhattan State Supreme Court.


In another recent fight over secularism…


Added by Robert Karp on July 28, 2011 at 10:46am — 3 Comments

Not again...Father guns down 6-daughters in Islamic "honor killing"

While the tragedy in Norway happened by a lone wolf - let's not forget the true horrors of Islam. Please tell me people - when does something like this happen among Christians? Let's not be politically correct in realizing the real threats facing humanity as a whole is not "Christian" or "right-wing" terror but Islamic terror...



Added by Sassan K. on July 28, 2011 at 5:30am — 3 Comments

TCVS Episode 10- Heathen Half Hour "Moral Objectivity and Your Brain"

Listen here!: http://www.cowboyvoodooshow.com


On this episode, I talk about a very divisive topic: moral objectivity. Religious people generally assume that since atheists do not use a holy book to define their morals for them, they assume atheists don’t have morals. If religious people would pick up a biology book and read about the brain, they might know that they are wrong.

Visit our Official Merch store!…


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