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by Keith S Cornish

That anyone should desire information on the value system of atheists is prima facie evidence that atheists are presumed to be different. It is therefore appropriate that consideration should be given to the commonly accepted value systems before the atheist viewpoint is put forward.

A pecking order is common in the animal kingdom and becomes more highly developed as the mental powers become more sophisticated.

In family life the code of… Continue

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by Keith S Cornish

The simple fact is that all life-forms end in death and the elements of which they are composed return to the air and the earth to be taken up and recycled in some new organism.

This natural process is universal and is beyond dispute. What is challenged by atheists and freethinkers is the claim made by purveyors of religion that humans alone of all living forms have a 'soul' or 'spirit' which survives death and carries the essential characteristics of… Continue

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There is No God

As heard on NPR's Morning Edition, November 21, 2005.

I believe that there is no God. I'm beyond atheism. Atheism is not believing in God. Not believing in God is easy -- you can't prove a negative, so there's no work to do. You can't prove that there isn't an elephant inside the trunk of my car. You sure? How about now? Maybe he was just hiding before. Check again. Did I mention that my personal heartfelt definition of the word "elephant" includes mystery, order, goodness, love and… Continue

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I can't see how anyone who gives it long thought could stay christian.

After substantial observation, I can't see any reason why any person would stay a Christian if they gave it some thought. It honestly seems to be so fake in my eyes. It seems like the people who made up this religion didn't even try hard. There are countless contradictions, rediculous doctrines and just unbelievable claptrap. The outragous thing is, most Christians are aware that the gospel was written 40-60 years after the death of Jesus. How can they not even consider it was a fish… Continue

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From Superstition to Reason

Unlike some “exes,” I find it difficult to describe accurately the series of events that led me from superstition to reason. Nor is there any one singlular watershed event that sealed the process. So forgive me if I can only speak in general terms.

I consider myself a very intelligent person. I have always had a mind that can thoroughly analyze any situation, follow chains of logic, see connections that others do not, and work on many different planes at once.

So how does… Continue

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Street Minister becomes Atheist

I became a Christian during my teen years. My mother placed me in a religious private school (Southern Baptist). At the time I said I would never become like these brainwashed kids. In the end, I succumbed to the message that all cults seem to give... undying love.

You see, as a kid, I was awkward, skinny, a geek. While others played sports, I played with chemistry sets. I was picked at, and I became a loner. That is when I finally made the leap. Oh, I was filled with love. At least… Continue

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Church of Christ minister for 10 years - What a Waste!

Grew up Lutheran, became "born again" when 16 and from there decided to dedicate myself to the Lord. Did the whole Jesus-freak thing in high school, attended Bible college, seminary, learned Greek.

I came across the some people from the Church of Christ (conservative) and was pretty impressed - but actually I was just pretty naive and idealistic. I left Lutheranism which I viewed as irrelevant, dry, and out of touch. Within a year I was preaching for the Church of… Continue

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Christianity is man-made

For years subconsciously I blatantly understood the logical (and other) falicies that christianity presented, but i could never grip the concept that there was no afterlife. I was so afraid of death that I needed to believe that I would 'live forever through god", which is why I used my intelectual force to repeatedly justify my religion. It was all in all for the selfish reason of wanting myself to live beyond my earthly shackles.

I had the prayer realization as you did as well. I… Continue

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A fools paradise

I was brought up on Christian Science, but only attended church occasionally. I hated it, and my parents were not overly forceful. I had no inclination towards religion in my youth, until I got involved with drugs and had a very traumatic repetitive flashback experience, which later led to a host of phobias. This caused me to seek security in God.

Initially I got absorbed in Christian Science, but this didn’t last long. I explored Eastern religions – TM, Guru Maharaj Ji, Paramahansa… Continue

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Christianity is Based on Logical Absurdities

I was raised christian, going to church (Methodist) every Sunday. As a child, I believed what I was taught about god, jesus, heaven, and so forth. In my highschool years, was very involved in the church youth group.

I was aware though, that different christians had different beliefs about what was "sinful" and what was not. I wanted to know for sure which behaviors were ok and which weren't. How to know? Reading the bible seemed to be the obvious answer. But in reading the bible, I… Continue

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Why I Don’t Believe in God, the Bible, or Christianity

I was raised a Baptist but was never particularly devout. I went through a short period as a “born-again” Christian, but eventually came to the personal realization that the God of Christianity probably did not exist. The camel-back-breaking straw grew out of many conversations I had with a close co-worker, an atheist -- primarily concerning the "problem of evil".

I began to refer to myself as an agnostic and gave the subject little thought for years. It took a protracted email… Continue

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A decade of disillusionment

i was raised by my xian parents in the catholic church (though my dad was protestant and my mom didn't agree with a lot of catholic doctrine, her theology was more born again) and never really thought much of it. church was a boring place i was forced to go to on sundays and miss some good cartoons for. even worse when i started having ccd classes on saturdays and miss the REALLY good cartoons. i went through a skeptical phase at age 7 when i stopped believing in santa claus, the easter bunny,… Continue

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Thoughts from JGJ

Hey everyone, this is JGJ, but you can call me Jim if you like. I decided to make a post after a long hiatus. Hey! I actually had time to devote to one as I wait for the new carpet in my house.

So, anyway, here it goes.

I am a relativist. I am a classical liberal who believes that people are entitled to their own beliefs, especially when it comes to belief in a god or not. You may be wondering why someone like me is posting in a blog called "Religion is Bullshit" and claim… Continue

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