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A Journey of Faith... sample #2

*For the protection of my family members and friends, I have changed their names.*




I am an atheist.

In the simplest terms this means that I don’t believe in God.

However, it wasn’t always this way.


          It was the early winter of 1988. Christmas…


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The Intelligent Design Colouring Book!

Hey Kids! It's the birthday gift you've all been waiting for... The Intelligent Design Coloring Book, and (according to the cover) it's 100% Fact free! YEY!!! Check out the description:

A child’s life is full of both joys and challenges—the infinite wonder of learning, the literal and figurative scraped knees of everyday…

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Tickets for the inaugural International Freethought Film Festival go on sale on Thursday, March 3rd! They can be purchased directly from the Tampa Theatre box office, or on their Website: http://www.…

Tickets for the inaugural International Freethought Film Festival go on sale on Thursday, March 3rd! They can be purchased directly from the Tampa Theatre box office, or on their Website: http://www.tampatheatre.org/

Prices are as follows:

-Opening night admission: $13.00

-General Admission to all other screenings: $10.50

*Discussions/QAs are included in the price of the admission of the films they follow… Continue

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It's effective

Spread everywhere

Controlling everything


Placed on your head… Continue

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Home School, The Tea Party, and Religion

Recently I've been hearing the Tea Party speak of a bloated Department of Education. There are complaints that students are not performing as well. Questions are raised about how the Catholic Schools are performing better than public schools and for less money. So of course the Department of Education and Big Government are the problems. This, and homeschooling in general, is about religion. 


By the numbers, Catholic schools appear to cost less and get better results than…


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New atheist event needs your help

The Ancestor's Trail http://www.ancestorstrail.net/ (see also the Think Atheist events page) was inspired by Richard Dawkins’ book the 'Ancestor's Tale' and combines atheism, biodiversity, walking and evolution. Effectively it is a secular pilgrimage celebrating our shared ancestry with all life. This is the second Trail but the event remains at a vulnerable stage. Currently the event is 'booking'…


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Misrepresentation of words..

It amazing how organized religion and conservatives use the words that don't serve their purpose like

  • "Pro Life": Real word should be "Anti womens reproductive rights movement" because this movement focuses on taking away the rights of the women. 
  • "Pro Family": This movement should be probably renamed "Anti gay movement" because of the constant clamoring on their part to deny the LGBT community to marry to stop them from adopting kids
  • "Pro Second Amendment":…

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Atheist Conservatives

Other Values Besides Religion Unite These Political Idealists


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Where is Separation of Church and State?

  • In taking oath for public office in the name of God?
  • In federal governments faith based partnerships?
  • In making churches pay no taxes?
  • In having a national day of prayer?
  • In taking away the choice of women to get an abortion? 
  • In creating laws against women who want to get abortion, by denying them any financial help, forcing them to get ultrasound scans before abortion?
  • In blocking of teaching of evolution in schools?
  • In…

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Faith, Reason, and other mutually exclusive terms

It never ceases to amaze me how much believers want to convince me that they are not “blind followers”, that they have come to their religious beliefs through reason, just like me.  No, I’m not going to refute the claim that atheism is a religion here.  That will have to be another blog.  What I want to address here is that people want me to believe that they have used reason, not “blind faith”, to come to religion.  They say that they use logic and find Christ. 

Now, I should start…


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Spiritual Rewards

One thing I didn't realise when I moved away from traditional Christianity was that I was moving away from one punishment and reward system to another one which is actually even worse despite how it's cunningly disguised.

Spiritualist have mixed views of hell, some say it exists, some day it doesn't and others say we are here already. Even the ones who say it doesn't exist still have rewards and punishments filtered in their belief systems, sometimes they just don't realise… Continue

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Of Anti-Semites and Anti-Termites

Hi friends,  

First of all, I'm not anti-semitic nor anti-jew.. I'm just an arab.

but, I'm astonished, why the whole world calling Arabs…


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"One Sterling Silver Ring"

She thinks everything will work out fine

If she prays on time

While every thing around her is falling

She rather pray instead of get to safety

The opportunities come and leave

And I am so tired of watching

Our lives turn into nothing

I always ask for her hand

But find they are folded again

Five minutes and she has done her part

While I am actually at the start

Working to understand while she's thanking god for some supernatural… Continue

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"Low Points"


Holding every pain in

That's how it feels

When my thoughts are broken

So I came to you

Hoping for

Peace to end the fires

And understanding

Only to understand

That your name means nothing

What about all of the prayers

The private tears

The feelings that I had are worthless

What does the mean

It means that instead of rolling the dice

Hoping for a miracle

Like these dreamers talk about

I will have to solve… Continue

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Gullible and Guilty

Last night whilst soaking in a hot bath I was contemplating the journey so far from spiritualist to atheist and I had this gnawing feeling in my stomach which I realised was guilt.

So why the guilt?

I suppose what I am annoyed at is how gullible I have been, instead of researching possible causes for the experiences I had, instead I was lazy and just accepted them at face value.  From the age of 20 I might as well had been in a cult as the group I was in were very… Continue

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A letter to charles Lewis

John Moore: Atheism and the irrational mind

Comments Twitter LinkedIn Email .John Moore December 22, 2010 – 9:17 am

A letter to Charles Lewis

Dear Charles:

I have read your last two letters in Holy Post about faith as well as Father Tim Moyle’s. Technically they weren’t addressed to me because I am an agnostic and not an atheist but I felt the need to respond nonetheless.

Your first letter was titled “Dear Atheists: No-one Cares What You Think”. To be… Continue

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Confessions of an Ex-Priest

A friend of mine gave me a box full of "The Sudbury Star"  WEEKEND MAGAZINE from 1970 to 1979.  I came across this article.  I'll just give some of the juicier aspects of it, since it's several pages long. 


Resignations from the priesthood have become epidemic. Paul.... (I won't give his last name)..., a former Basilian Father, today is married and a father of three. " The Church is not a spiritual institution" he told Stephen  ..........., "it's a multinational corporation."…


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The White Unicorn

Imagine an angel galloping towards you on an white unicorn and halting infront of you and telling you, "I have come to take you to the heaven".

How does this words feel? Did you have any vision in your mind?
Probably you imagined a white unicorn in your mind.
More - …

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Bill O'Reilly Questions How did it get here?

Bill O'Reilly has attacked atheists calling us names pinheads etc and asked us a lot of questions these are some of the answers for his latest questions. I guess most of the answers to his questions can be found by googling but here are a few answers I found ....


How did Moon get here?

Moon is the remnant of the collision of Earth and Mars sized object. For more information about it we can checkout the wikipedia article…


Added by atheistrising on February 22, 2011 at 11:55pm — 3 Comments

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