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My Interview With Kirk Cameron


 Not too long ago I was lucky enough to bump into part time actor and full time Jesus freak, Kirk Cameron, at the Denver International Airport. Mr. Cameron was on his way home to southern California after a brief speaking engagement at a local 7-11. Knowing I would probably never meet Mr. Cameron again I asked if he would grant me a short interview as he waited to board his…


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Politics, religion and atheism

 Hello Friends,

Been awhile since I have had time to spend on this site. I have missed it. Just finished writing my second book, entitled :  " Stop the Hate, Start the Healing"  ( My Journey from Religion) . Yes, it is a biography and hope to find a publisher soon, which is not an easy task, as it seems you have to be famous or…


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Whistleblower In Dire Straits

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Whistle Blower in dire straits.

Dan Abshear was building a new life Dan in Milwaukee

but recently it all fell apart when his girl friend of nearly three years left him.

He turned himself in for an old probation violation in St. Louis just to get out of the cold.

Is there anyone who can offer him work when he gets out of jail in three month?

Dan writes:

Presently, I'm back in jail again in St.…


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Inmates Write

Write--- (from Dan Abshear)  www.henrymakow.com ;


A few men here in jail with me look much older than what their actual age.  And this is fascinating to me.

This possibly may be due to  their in home doses of severe drugs.  Their accelerated age may also be due to various life tragedies they have experienced.  These prematurely aged men are very pleasant people to speak…


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Whistleblower Falls On Hard Times

Not every whistle blower
gets the support he deserves.
"You do in fact lose a lot when you are very poor and often broke- people in…

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