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I believe

God is the one that puts right and wrong into beings flying around fire in the giant black hostile space. Poetry runs out of the hands of the life made in His image.  No matter what religion you belong to you have to face the fact that you also belong to one family of humans on one rock. I could never make someone believe in Jesus Christ and accept the forgivness given by Him from God HImself. I believe strongly though that we humans all need forgiveness from God because we offend Him. The…


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Aquarequiem for a Dream

Hey everyone...


made a silly sketch for youtube. Please check it out, and share with friends if you like it. Not safe for work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJPzfok1XDk

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"Alternative" medicine and why I still listen.

Our planet is a closed system. 

There are a limited number of compounds in our earthly ecology, but still plenty enough to combine in various ways to do amazing things like cure infections and vaccinate against diseases. These are HUGE game changers in our evolution as a species. We are the first...the very first creatures in known existence that can willfully control our reproduction. 

Medical advances snowball. All it takes is one good advance, one leap of science to cause an…


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My Mom Praised Me

Every Sunday, my niece comes over for tutoring. While I was discussing the lesson to my niece, my mom sat beside us and listened. She usually do this and it does not bother me but today was different. My mom had this look on her face that made me a bit uncomfortable. I tried to ignore her but I was so interested as to why she looked at me that way that when I was done tutoring my niece I immediately asked her. She told me you know, you're good at teaching and you know a lot of things,…


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Baked ramblings. ...

Religious apologists often have a single stumbling block question to my "The right to swing your fist ends where another man's nose begins" mentality. 

To be perfectly honest, I don't care what you worship, who you worship or how you worship as long as it doesn't bother me or kill innocents. Seems like a pretty liberal mentality until you stop and really consider just how much religion does indeed 'bother' me by using the tax system as a moral enforcement code. 

...and it…


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From Croatia with love :D

I will start with a short anecdote 

When the war started 20 years ago in my country I didn't know very much about my religion, especially what it was called because I didn't know others existed. In my eyes all I had to do is believe in god, fold my hands in prayer and ask for little things to happen and learn bunch of thing from the catechism. My priest came to me and asked me what my fathers faith was. I didn't know. Then he sad something and I agreed because I believed he sad the…


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"Put on a happy face"

If the streets were safe

Maybe I would wish to be awake

Instead of calling sleep every time I feel weak

i am hanging on

i am hanging on

Not very strong but strong enough

And I have no answers

And the answers given from others have failed

So I'll do what I must to stay alive

Giving every bit I can until it hurts too much to try

But if these streets were safe

Maybe I wouldn't have to put on a happy face

it would already be… Continue

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Just a random opinion

The fear of gods is fear
Love has no place for it
So I have no place for gods
Because love has occupied my mind instead
And if love, real love is dead
Well down the rabbit hole it would be off with my head

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Children With TS – Why I Became an Atheist

At one time, like most atheists I know, I was deeply religious. l will not mention what my religion was, but I will say it was based in orthodoxy.

God was on my mind from the moment I awoke in the morning until I slept at night. Mostly my thoughts were conjurations of scripture and lessons from the learned and I meditated on how I could make all this wisdom work in my every day life.

I think I studied more than others and prayed more than others and "believed" more than… Continue

Added by Saint godless on January 28, 2011 at 10:11pm — 2 Comments

Playing God.

You know when you think about it, all the things that god has done in the bible, it always boils down to him always needing something from people, think about it. God always needed something didn't he? Always commanding people to do stuff for him, "Save these people Jonah." "Save those people Mosses." "Do this, do that."

The only thing that God did himself, was himself, but again God need people to do that for him too didn't he? He need a vessel to make himself. And he made sure that the…


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You are all animals!

By Martin Pribble

It's undeniable; we are the single most advanced species of animal that we have identified to have ever existed on earth. Our social structures, brain power, our technologies, our innovations and our language is unrepeated in any other species on the planet.

We are self-aware, we are group aware, and we are of the imminence of death. We understand the basic needs for life, we understand the… Continue

Added by Martin Pribble on January 28, 2011 at 12:10am — 1 Comment

Automated Morality Reminder for the Tampa Bay Christian Majority

I received an automated phone message today from the mayor's office  of Tampa, reminding the good citizens of Tampa Bay to "behave responsibly" at Gasparilla. I'm stunned! (Despite this, I am still able to type.)

I can't believe that government dollars were spent on this! In the context of TA, why the fuck would they even need to send messages in the first place!? This is a Christian nation, right? What's the percentage of…


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My wife and I have been watching astronomy documentaries on Netflix recently. I find it really enjoyable, because it takes scientific topics and makes them very real. Will time ever end? How did the planets form? Is there life out there? Could there be life next door (maybe even on Io?) The universe, and the science we use to try to model and comprehend it, is awe inspiring.

This, then, reminds me of some of my favorite quotes by Carl Sagan:

Who is more humble? The…

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Free Will - Rush ... Atheist theme song? ^_^


There are those who think that

Life is nothing left to chance

A host of holy horrors to direct 

our anguish at.


A planet of playthings

We dance on the strings

of powers we cannot perceive


The stars all colide

All the gods are aligned

things better to give than recieve.



You can…


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"Saints On Our Pavement"

She believes in holy days

She believes in being afraid

Carrying her bible everywhere

Constantly she finds her eyes in the sky waiting for something to… Continue

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"Anxiety About Worrying"

My eyes look away from everyone I come in contact with

I’ve tried to stop it but the problem still exists

I can’t place myself out in the open

When there are…


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"Why Would Eyes"

Why wouldn’t I come to your rescue

Why wouldn’t I save from those that hate you

You must be used to the other people

The other people you know…


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Counting the hours put in cannot be done

I’ve given some of my best smiles to you

Damn I’ve given some of my best tears too

Frankly I’m tired of waiting for the growth promised

Am I really the creator of our problems

Should I work to solve them

By catching a train without a chance for you to explain

I just don’t know where as if I care

Then you can tell everyone your tales


You say I am master of heartbreak and…


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A parenting quandry I'd like feedback about

My 9-year-old daughter would like to spend a month this summer visiting her cousins in Texas. Her cousins are the children of my ex-wife's sister. She and her husband run an evangelical Christian youth ministry from their very large home. In addition to their 4 children, they have adopted at least 2 more (I've lost count), and usually have 10-15 other preteens and teens on site most days as part of their mentoring program. Their project is to prepare misfit teens to become better…


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Once Again the Daily Mail Falls Short of the Mark...

A few days prior to my writing this blog, an article was published in the Daily Mail, which was written by one Melanie Phillips, entitled "Yes, gays have often been the victims of prejudice. But they risk becoming the new McCartyites". In this article, Phillips is arguing that those in the LGBT community and the lobbyists therein, are going too far in their quest for equality, and it is having a detrimental effect on society. Unfortunately, this argument… Continue

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