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Started this discussion. Last reply by Unseen Dec 6, 2014. 6 Replies

I sent a copy of my collection of poems and essays, Could a “Heat Death” be Necessary for Life? to New Mexico physicist and writer, Dave Thomas, written under my pen name of Kane S. Latranz. I was…Continue

Tags: law, disorder, order, second, evolution.

What if Belief in a Higher Power is Not Belief in Anything Supernatural?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jimmy Jun 9, 2014. 107 Replies

I happen to believe in a higher power but do not believe in anything supernatural. I'm sure this has a lot to do with my coming to my belief as a fairly science literate, science positive person who…Continue

Tags: chaos, nonlinear, complexity, order, randomness

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About Me:
I am a published writer of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, an artist, and a rogue intellectual. I am not a Christian or a believer in Genesis as literal truth but gave up on atheism after some years. Among the reasons for this are the fact that I realized atheism was my way of allowing religious whacks to define me. There are a lot of alternatives other than Darwinism or Biblical Creationism.
Why are you here?
Hopefully to engage in intelligent conversation. Is agnosticism a more truly objective stance than atheism? What's the deal with order and disorder, entropy, and complexity? Is a statistical tendency toward disorder really the only thing that demonstrates the arrow of time?
Why you left your religion.
Why don't you have atheism among the religions I left? I left it for any number of reasons, among them that it has far too much in common with the mindset of the fundamentally ill for my tastes.
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Could a "Heat Death" be Necessary for Life? The Second Law Redefined

Posted on June 30, 2013 at 5:17pm 0 Comments

We have met the "heat death" of the universe in progress, and it is... us?

EXCERPT "Organic cells form, reproduce, and die within complex organisms that are born, reproduce, and die, within species and civilizations that eventually result in new species and civilizations or simply carry on until they become extinct. All because stars are born, die, and are replaced, some former and current stars facilitating habitable planets and life."…


Of Alternate Universes and Picobiliphytes

Posted on February 12, 2010 at 2:00pm 0 Comments

When I became interested in The Big Bang Theory, at some point it occurred to me that if there was one Big Bang, why couldn't there have been more, in the past, at this instant for all we know, and indefinitely into the future? Then I came across the multiverse hypothesis. I have two issues with this idea, first officially coined by William James in 1895. My first question is whether alternate hypothetical universes would really qualify as other universes. Whatever the origin of… Continue

A Walk on the Beach

Posted on February 11, 2010 at 5:00pm 3 Comments

Fractal geometry swept through popular culture notably around the turn of the millennium. Many have a sense of fractals as the most visual aspect of chaos theory, coined by mathematician, Benoit Mandelbrot. On some level fractals and other aspects of chaos theory seem difficult if not impossible to exactly pin down, even by many scientists, yet intuitively the essence is easily grasped.

Almost any kid in a high chair notices that broccoli looks like little trees. It also resembles the… Continue

Christians Help to Keep Ancient Egyptian God Alive.

Posted on February 9, 2010 at 2:30pm 8 Comments

I don't have enough here for a blog of any decent length but any of you who were not aware of this fact may find it amusing. The ancient Egyptian patriarchal deity, Ammon, is known by many variations of his name. I would say ultimately patriarchal as he was believed to have ejaculated the cosmos into existence. Big Bang, indeed. =) Among his names is that of Amen. Add to this the Egyptian belief that as long as your name is spoken it sustains you in the afterlife,… Continue

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At 1:42am on April 28, 2010, Wesley gave Mike Donohoe a gift
Because you are doing a fine job!
At 5:11pm on February 20, 2010, Allegra said…
The illustrations are mine, yes. I'm glad that you like those especially. ^_^

The way I look at it is, if alcohol is legal, marijuana should be too. Alcohol can cause death. Pot can't. Did you know that to die of an overdose of THC, you'd have to smoke your body weight in pot?
At 3:44pm on February 20, 2010, Allegra said…
I'd recommend reading JtHM first, since that was Vasquez's first comic book. Squee! and I Feel Sick are both about characters from jthm that played lesser parts originally.
At 6:39pm on February 19, 2010, Allegra said…
JtHM, Fillerbunny, Squee! and I Feel Sick are all sitting on my bookcase as we speak. Which is your favorite, or have you only read Filler?
At 9:57pm on February 10, 2010, Reggie said…
Interesting hypothesis about dingos and Shibas. I suppose that it is possible! And I don't blame that cat from fearing the Pepe LePew look.
At 11:07pm on February 8, 2010, Reggie said…
Thanks, Mike. They are both Shiba Inu, a Japanese hunting dog. So, I'd keep them away from Mr. Biggles. Of course, they have only been successful in hunting crickets so far, Mr. Biggles actually may have nothing to fear. And welcome to T|A!
At 9:49pm on February 8, 2010, Wesley said…
Hey Mike... I agree.. If I'm going to call myself anything its going to be what I am.... not what I don't believe in... So I consider myself a natural humanist. I think we haven't scratched the surface of the natural yet......much less speak of exploring its depths that its ludicrous and hubristic to the nth degree to posit a 'SUPER-natural' . Lets finish exploring the natural first before we posit anything beyond it. In light of this I'm not going to let 'religion' be my sole focus in life.
That said.. I'm certainly going to stand up when religion inpinges upon my rights and freedoms and the rights and freedoms of others.

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