For people that can be here at certain times of the day to monitor things.

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Hi there,

I'm online most of the day because I work from home and would be willing to donate my time as a Moderator if you'd like. I work as a Graphic Designer, so I could occasionally do a few things of that nature as well.

I too am online most of the day. Depending on my upcoming work schedule, I'll be able to donate my time on all but 2 week days. I'm truly excited about the site, and I'm willing to help with whatever I can. :]

That would be great Morticia. Next month Think Atheist will have mod positions. To edit/delete forums/blogs/pics/vids etc. Ill be sure to let you know when the mod ability comes online.
I am on most of the evening and would be more than willing to help out any way that I could. Just let me know.
Hey guys thanks for your interest :) Mods will be up and running come the end of Jan :) Ill be sure to let you guys know when its out :D
I work in IT and am usually on between 8 AM and 5PM, then sometimes at night. If you think you might need help, drop me a line.
hey you know me!! i can help, as im a diff time zone, i can be on during different times.

I would like to moderate. Let me know if you need an extra hand.
I am online quite a bit, and would be more than happy to moderate this superb website. I'm an early morning person, too, if you're looking for that.

I'd like to do anything I can to improve the quality of this site.
I'm online if not most of my life, take out my connection and i'll be sitting on my chair staring at my desktop wallpaper... With that much said I would, if you need any extra help seeing as alot of people are volunteering, i would with no problem be glad to help out with the site, as a fellow atheist my goal is to promote atheism as civil as possible, with the patiences of a leopard I pounce at the un-civil-minded!

I also have a set of rules for myself to live by as a civil member of society and of course this site:
-Patience is a virtue
-Politeness helps contain any issues
-In a professional environment arguing is a pointless concept (unless its a legit debate)

If you need (any) help, Holllaa =]


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