Facebook is clamping down on Atheist and Ex-Muslim pages.

Has Evangelical Christianity become sociopathic and will the Tremendous One cure them of their persecution complex now that Christian genocide is such a problem? Even Mike Pence understands the immensity of the problem!! Maybe they all just need to start to exercise more often.

A look at how religion is reasserting itself into the lives and identities of people in parts of Europe.

Gov. Chris Christie is happy to keep laws that allow marriage before the age of 18 because of religious traditions.

Check out the “logic” of these 5 arguments why God (very probably) exists first and then check out Steven Novella’s critique of them.

The Cuddly One was in Portugal last week where mass delusions continue.

This weeks’ Woo: It is a common but incorrect assumption that people turn to alternative treatments because they are unsatisfied with mainstream medicine. We need to keep campaigning against the spread of ignorance.

Climate Change: Humanity has arrived at a new point in its history, the Anthropocene, with no sense of shame or alarm. You don’t need to be a Scientist to understand the obvious but you need to be one to conduct academic research into it.

Is it ethical to hand our decisions over to machines that might someday become good moral philosophers? What might happen if the machines come to see us as a less advanced civilization?

The search for life on Mars is about to get weird.

Superstring theory contends that there are 10 dimensions to experience in our Universe but if anything is possible in a Multiverse how can Inflation be real science if it cannot make predictions?

Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

While you are waiting for the kettle to boil.…..

Coffee Break Video: Is it really possible to change someone’s beliefs? Yes, it is said Plato by understanding the Allegory of the Cave.

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Have a great week everyone!!

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.

- John Cage.

Thanks, Reg!

Thank you Reg!!! As always, Sundays are the highlight of my week :)

The "Great Climate Science" article managed to convey my thoughts exactly. Thanks Reg, now I know I am not crazy.

Thanks for the "likes". I think I managed to get some great articles for this edition which will keep us in reading material for most of the week.


Thanks for some interesting articles.

I'm amused that someone thinks evangelical christianity is becoming sociopathic.  At the church where I attended in the late 50s and early 60s - yes, during those years, one could still hear the sad, lonely mastodons' haunting calls, echoing across the vast midwestern prairies - my church elders taught that Jews killed christians and were in a vast comspiracy to take over the financial aspects of the USA and Europe, and already had; that blacks were vastly inferior, sociopathic, killers, lazy, drug addicted, and intended to pollute the daughters of good white christians with mixed race babies; that homosexuals were defiling the good and wholesome sons of christians, and deserved to be executed, with or without trial; that women should be in the home, bearing many children and obedient to their superior husbands, and that godless communists were in the schools and democratic party.   I don't think my church was all that unusual, at least not in my town and at that time.  I  had friends at other churches - even though my church was the one true church, and I might be, and was, contaminated by communicating with those false christians - and the same was taught in their churches.  It's interesting that anyone would think evangelical and fundamentalist sociology has changed.

I'm not sure this should be called the Anthropocene era.  Ignoramucine seems more appropriate.  The world is undergoing destruction via mass ignorance.


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