It appears that our “treacherous denial of the existence of God” implies atheism is a form of racism and that atheism can lead to poverty. It would help if preachers at least understood what atheism is. I just hope it does not lead to an outbreak of piety amongst us.

Saudi Arabia thinks killing atheists would solve the problem of offending the religion of peace.

Tremendous Not Fake News: The cabinet are praying to the Creator of the Universe at weekly Bible study fellowships in the White House. I wonder if Rep. Randy Weber will be invited?

Christians are just not spending enough time reading their Bibles.

Oh Lord won’t you buy me a……Gulfstream Jet.

Saudi Arabia has put an arsonist in charge of its fire service.

This weeks’ Woo: How many people actually believe in Astrology?

A checklist for the Virtuous Skeptic.

Let’s have another crack at Bayes Theorem.

Climate Change: Another milestone for CO2 levels is passed. As Washington burned, Trump tweeted.

Why citing a Scientific study does not finish an argument.

Countdown to the grand finale of Cassini.

And it came to pass that E.T. asked the faithful to “pull my finger”.

Some fungus found in South Africa raises interesting questions about Evolution.

What is the probability that reading about Quantum Theory will inform you about reality?

Some books to read in 2017.

Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

While you are waiting for the kettle to boil.….(video - NSFW).

Coffee Break Video: The roots of religion and understanding that there is no returning to it once we modernize.

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Have a great week everyone!!

"God was invented to explain mystery. God is always invented to explain those things that you do not understand. Now, when you finally discover how something works, you get some laws which you're taking away from God; you don't need him anymore."

Richard Feynman.

Thanks, Reg!

The video on the "roots of religion" is interesting.  It is somehow significant that the "symbolic revolution" took place when modern humans migrated from Africa, and also, that this intensified during the ice age in Europe.  When times get tough, the human race gets going.  One theory says that the production of skilled art, carving etc is a way to increase one's reputation as a skilled craftsperson or hunter.  Caring for the dead is another form of grieving for the dead.  And brain capacity increased with each successive human species.  There must have been a number of interlinked factors which led to primitive shamanism. 

It is also worth keeping in mind that as societies become more educated and advance the welfare of their citizens that it is not possible for religion to make any meaningful comeback. It just becomes what it really is, an artifice of past generations, destroyed by reason derived via the critical thinking of educated minds.

Thank you Reg :)

I haven't watched the relevant video, and I can agree with your statement in many ways, but I think it's also true that no matter how much of religion's functions the state takes over, religion will always have a place as the conscience of society.  There's a place for an institution embedded within society giving spiritual advice and guidance of the right kind (i.e. how to cope with life and difficult times, how to make the most of life, for example) and speaking up for compassionate peace making in a political sense.  This is what the Church does best, and the rest of society does not so well. 

So basically I think it's best to have both: a church and a state.  They compliment each other.  At the same time, I'm speaking from an atheist perspective, which is very different from a religious one: I don't believe in God.  I'm assuming that much of the power of the church derives from the fact that people do believe in God.  So maybe that makes me a bit of a hypocrite.  I don't care. 

The State taking over the role of Religion?? I am not a member of any religion and from what I see of it in my society, I would be disgusted to think that it any way reflected the conscience of it. As far as I can tell most of my society is sickened by the abusive power of religion and its dark-age morality.

Again I have no idea what “spiritual advice” is.  Learning to cope with life is better dealt with by teaching children to think critically and empowering them with coping strategies that are built upon from a young age. Discarding the false promises of religion and its woolly cotton blanket of imaginary love or consolation is the first step towards “living in the now”. Atheism is the more mature position as practical advice about life and the reality of the world is always better than thinking there is a divine plan behind ones current situation.

I don’t care whether or not the Church survives modernity. I am only concerned that it remains completely separate from the State. I have heard politicians make more eloquent speeches about the Rights of Man than any priest ever did. I have heard atheists give speeches about the need for equality for all citizens that have surpassed anything a priest or pastor has ever said. I have heard members of various clergy preach hatred and division towards the minority groups in society and claim that they got inspiration for their words from their holy books. Keep such vulgar bigots away from me.

Society will be much better off when religions are gone.


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