Who is your Favorite on star trek TOS-TNG-DS9-Voyager-Enterprise

Mine is Riker

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Seven of Nine
SEVEN of NINE!!!!!
Q. I freakin' love Q! Not to mention the fact that he shows what an actual "omnipotent" being would really be like (a jerk, lol). He's just so damn funny though, gotta love him!

Seven of Nine is a close second. Hard to top that cat suit :)
What about Enterprise? You forgot that one! (*snicker*)
I pretty much only watched TOS, so I'd have to say Spock.
Seven of Nine.

I absolutely refuse to see the Scott Bakula Enterprise as being canon Star Trek. XD
I dunno, they DID at least manage to retcon an explanation for TOS Klingons and the latter Klingons. I was grateful to have an explanation finally!


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