It seems like there are some TNG nerds on here that may appreciate this. I stumbled across a rare book review from the Bad Astronomer for Wil Wheaton;s new book titled Memories of the Future. Phil Plait gives it a glowing review and admits he may be biased due to a man crush on Wil.

What really makes this a topic worth discussing (or just merely pointing out) is that these are memoirs of when Wil was on the set of the first season of TNG. Now, that is neat.

If you don’t know — and really, why the heck are you reading my blog if you don’t — Wil played Wesley Crusher on TNG. Since then he’s made a name for himself as a writer, and it’s deserved. He’s really good at it, drawing the reader in with very personal stories and a wicked sense of humor laced with snark and webby goodness. That all comes into play here. In Memories, he writes blow-by-blow reviews of TNG episodes that are alternately hilarious and thoughtful (the reviews, not so much the episodes). He writes both as a fan of the show, an actor on the show, and a man who is trying to honestly discuss the pros and cons of each episode. Especially cool are the times Wesley Crusher is an annoying weenie, because Wil lets it all out — excoriating the writers when called for but also admitting when he felt that his acting was still immature. It’s a refreshing honesty.

Tough to see through the man crush, but it still sounds like an interesting read for fans of the show.

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I read these as he published them for TV Squad (I think TV Squad). Anyhow, they were hilarious. I don't have a man crush, but I've been reading Wil's blog for a while and found him to be pretty entertaining and a true geek.
Nice! Thanks for sharing!


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