Is it true that a girl is supposed to act like she isn't that interested so that a guy will remain interested? Does this cat and mouse game still work?

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Is that what she's calling herself now?

Generally speaking, when I say to take the question down to its most basic and essential form, I'm not trying to be precise. What "acting" entails is whatever you do, that's all it is. 

Thanks Belle:)

I don't mind the pursuit. I rather enjoy it, in fact. However, if a woman conveys to me that she isn't interested, then I will pursue no further.

Cinderella went to the ball and Rapunzel put forth her hair. No, they did not pursue, but they did show interest. I don't mind at all, making the first move. But before I do, I need to know that the woman is available, receptive, and attracted. Otherwise I see the whole bar/club scene (which I dislike btw) as a craps shoot. I would be better off just sending out mass mailings calling out to every woman in a specific area code.

I don't just approach any woman either. I have to have a reason, aside from attraction, to start a conversation. If I'm at the library, and I see a woman reading "How to catch your man cheating", that tells me that she's in an unhealthy relationship, has trust issues, is needy or just picked up a book that she thinks will bring attention. On the other hand, if she's reading "And Thus Spoke Zarathustra", I'll know I have a woman standing in front of me who is happy with her life, seeks knowledge above acceptance, can think in the abstract and can find joy where there is no other personal benefit.

The latter I would most likely approach, asking something along the lines of "Did you know he was out of his mind, bat shit crazy when he wrote that book?" Or, "did you know that book and been banned, quartered, and hidden from people in several different volumes, and we're still not sure that we have all of it?" Maybe something like "300 years ago, reading that kind of smut would have you executed!" and I would then continue to some witty recitation regarding insanity and it's beauty.

The point of that small example was to put light on how approachable women make themselves. In conclusion, I'm simply stating that if a woman wants to be pursued, I'm down! But be receptive. A woman who puts off txt replies or ignores phone calls, is far from receptive and would put me off entirely.

In another light, I want to feel like she's the only other person in the world. I want to feel like I'm the only other, in her world. What happened to singing in the rain? These days, I would be locked up. She has to let me know that not only does she want to be chased, but chased by ME. If you like a guy, pick up when he calls! Even a cuddle fish falls off the hunt if he thinks the prize isn't worth while.

I really do like the chase. But I refuse to chase something I either know I won't catch, or doesn't want to be caught. It's hard to be the cat, but it's no easier being the mouse. To be chased properly, you must run properly. You run too much, you loose that cat. You don't run enough, you don't get the chase you desire. There's a balance, and I think women try to tip it in their favor. I could write about this for ages, so I'll cut it off now and wait for any possible replies.

If I'm at the library, and I see a woman reading, How to Get Laid Tonight, I'm all over that like ugly on a warthog!

Are you sure it has to move, Belle?

Aw you guys! You only saying that because it's true --

I knew a girl once who delighted in going to church every Sunday morning, and later, seducing nice, pure, Christian boys - it gave her a perverted kick to prove she could corrupt them.

I wrote her a poem one morning, upon watching her pass my apartment window on her way to Sunday School:

"There was a little Church Cat,
Who went to church to prey,
And woe to any Church Mouse
That she meets Sabbath day!"

Not all cats wait in boxes.

This has only ever worked on those who are bombarded with attention from many different people and even then its only sporadic..  

I've always appreciated reciprocal interest.   I mean I'd probably get turned off if someone started calling or texting me 10/20 times a day but even that might not be true if it was the right person.  

You can't catch a fish if you don't throw your bait in the water.  You gotta show SOME interest... just don't smother someone with it.

All I'm saying really, is that it would be nice if the mouse looked back and winked occasionally. Scooping a woman up, I'm game for. Most though are unavailable, or needy. At least here in the Killeen/Fort Hood area. Most are not very intelligent. And though I really like scrubs, (tons of nurses here) I think lab coats are so much more attractive. I'm a strange guy, I know. That's how I roll.

I've narrowed my choices to Washington, or Vermont. I can't decide. Boeing, or close to family. This really is a tough choice. Either way I'm sure the choices in women will drastically improve, whichever I choose. So many are brought here by the military, so you can imagine what kind of people I'm surrounded by, living adjacent to the largest military installation in the U.S. Shit! I really need to get the fuck out of this place. I'm going to catch stupid if I stay here too much longer!

I think you'll find that a lot of women want and expect the male to take the lead, and this more or less results in the game you're describing. 

Likewise, while the "No means no" thing makes a lot of men think that maybe women want them to ask "May I kiss you?" most (or many) women really prefer the male to go for it (under appropriate circumstances and after reading the signals, of course) and then respect whatever her decision is, be it to accept and return the kiss or rebuff it.

Nope. If someone doesn't seem interested then I'm not interested. It just feels like I'm kicking a dead horse.

I think if anyone is interested in someone, then say so.  Don't play coy. 

Personally, I can't be bothered with cat and mouse.  The moment a girl attempts to keep me at arms length to keep me interested, I walk.  I don't have the patience or tolerance for games.


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