Have you ever dated someone who believed in God or was very religious?
How did that work out for you?
Is it possible for an atheist and a theist to be together in the long run?
Would you date them in the first place?

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I have yet to date someone who isn't religious or considers themselves atheist or agnostic. There was one person I dated, she was Christian, but I suppose I had sown a lot of seeds of doubt, she discovered that she's lesbian, and later identifies as atheist today.

One girl of whom was a strong christian I had a close friendship with, we'd hook up ever now and then, she was open to discussion and we could share our difference of opinion openly with each other. We'd never get into heated discussion, it was always civil and in good fun. I wanted to start a relationship with her but she didn't because "we see things too differently". I'm not sure if it was my atheism or just my general way of thinking skeptically.

All in all I'm 0 for 2 with the Christian crowd in terms of working out a relationship long term haha.

Ah, the old "I've discovered I'm a lesbian" trick. That one was used on me, too.

She's seriously lesbian. Throughout the relationship she was hiding the fact that she's more attracted to women than men. Maybe she's bi with a preference toward women, but she's been dating women exclusively since we broke up. We're still really good friends.

I dated a pagan before and he wasn't really that strongly religious to be honest. He hated Christianity and was very happy to date an atheist as opposed to a Christian 

I will date a religious person, only if their faith is a personal ordeal and not some sort of bible bashing lunatic 

I briefly dated a girl who's entire social network was devout Christian.  The irony is that she was actually cheating on her long-term boyfriend with me.  I'm guessing she was slumming it to see how the other half lives.

I am surrounded by half wit "God" believers and I rarely find a fellow atheist anywhere! All I ever date are Christians etc. Some are worse than others but they still represent a great number of people who are mentally incapable of completely separating fact from fiction and are therefore stuck between two worlds! I've learned that people who believe in "God" and such, are unable to allow new pertinent information related to science, fact, and truths to get past their preconditioned mental blockades. At some point the disagreements related to humanly concocted folklore, parables, and psychotic word-fare, that comes out of their attachments to ancient dark-age beliefs and fantasies clash! At some point we must understand that we are hypocrites because we tolerate people who don't even realize that they are guilty by association to the many horrors of plunder and genocide provoked and condoned by religious zealots with power, wealth and the mimicking and financial backing and tax write-offs of their minions of "sheeple"! We are lying to ourselves when we accept this madness in their minds, and allow ourselves to just 'be' with them! On the other hand we too have our feeble minds to deal with and the sex drives, and attachments to certain people can be so overwhelming as to cause a rift in our logic, and our intentions to be true to ourselves! I would rather love an atheist but I can't seem to find enough of them to choose from, or for them to choose me! I'm single now and all of the idiosyncrasies of old fashioned religious claptrap has created a rift in my ability to find a soul mate! Where is the real atheist dating site and where can I find me a beautiful atheist chick to love and cherish?


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