Bag-like sea creature was humans' oldest known ancestor

Posted: 30 Jan 2017 08:10 AM PST
Researchers have identified traces of what they believe is the earliest known prehistoric ancestor of humans -- a microscopic, bag-like sea creature, which lived about 540 million years ago.

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Cripes that is an ugly creature. now I can see where we get our good looks from. Lol. But no seriously really interesting article.

It is very "symmetrical", a common feature of attractiveness for most animals.

Well, ok, I wouldn't want one of them in my eyeball or something.

That article led me to other articles wrt ancient sea life & genetics. We're finding all kinds of relationships and evolution of structures and function now, that also illuminate later, more complex features and creatures.

YEC community, listen: You can't make this stuff up!

I wish we'd take some of the manned mission to Mars money and use it for studying our own oceans. Even Mars is mapped better than our oceans.

Mapping oceans is hard, though... There's too much water in them!


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